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Match « a Torpedo » has passed under monkey`s dancings fans

On Sunday a Torpedo has led the next companionable match within the limits of the first early gathering. The club of the second league " became the rival vladimirtsev; the Chemist from Dzerzhinsk. Masts has ended with the bill 2:1 in advantage torpedovtsev. At vladimirtsev Valery Malyshev has caused a stir, and in one more goal dzerzhintsy have hammered to itself.

game was remembered by more actions dzerzhinskih fans. On a course of the first time they some times lighted fajery, and is closer to a meeting break have arranged at the corner the fields of dancing more similar to the monkey`s.

- the Judge! The judge!!! - Evgenie durnev, the head coach « has cried; a Torpedo ». - Finish give and understand with these idiots!

the whistle on a break Has sounded, and the judge has run to young guys that them to calm down. In the meantime players of both commands have gone at once to a locker room.

- we will Not play, while these children will not deduce from stadium! - Evgenie Durnev was indignant. - Who on a broader scale has started up them?!

Fans from stadium have not expelled, however after conversation from the referee they behaved quietly, resolving itself only krichalki and one innocent fajer.

- Like played better « the Chemist » but as a whole played two equal clubs, - the helmsman « has told after a match; a Torpedo ». - And so should not be. All - taki we now on a rank above. Unique blow of Malysheva was remembered. And such blows should be three and more.

Evgenie Durnev supervised over the command for the first time after special seminars for trainers. It raised the class to get the admission to a management of the command of the first league. The trainer has estimated seminars positively, and here the command during its absence became more clamped.

- To be nervous steels it is a lot of, - it has complained. - from here we pass in games much. Though to speak about something early. Eventually gathering in Vladimir not the indicative. About what to speak, if for two weeks at us during trainings at players happens two obmorozhenija! I even cannot estimate beginners. It is good that soon we go to Cyprus. There much becomes clear.

To Cyprus the command leaves on February, 13th where will spend two weeks and control games will play some. In the same place skeleton of club in a forthcoming season will start to be defined.