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To Stavropol Territory pipeline armies swing oil and extinguish fires

Without them in the field of fight tanks will stop, and the aircraft will not rise in air. Recently the professional feast was noted by military men of one of the most important divisions of the Russian army - pipeline armies. In territory of Southern military district such armies are presented by the unique pipeline battalion deployed to Stavropol Territory.

to Mount the pipeline - all the same what to collect the children`s designer, soldiers explain. However, details will be heavier. Each gate - on 65 kg.

- Such armies are not present more in one army, at us even the slogan is: « Without fuel there is no fighting power, without Service of fuel there are no Armed forces » - the commander of a part lieutenant colonel Oleg Kuzminov speaks.

Birthday of armies - on January, 14th. This day 1952 the Minister of War of the USSR the Marshal of Soviet Union Alexander Vasilevsky has signed the instruction in which it was recommended to generate the first separate battalion of downloading of fuel.

Gradually divisions of pipeline armies have turned to active armed forces, and by the end 80 - h years one of the best in the world field sborno - folding main pipelines have been created.

the First division truboprovodchikov in the south of Russia has been generated in 1985. And in 1986 military men of a pipeline brigade have taken part in the special doctrine on a pipeline lining through the Big Caucasian ridge which was spent in common by armies of Severo - the Caucasian and Transcaucasian military districts. Divisions truboprovodchikov in the conditions of fighting conditions should organise delivery of fuel to distance more than 500 km in the conditions of mountain district.

Experience of the spent doctrine was actively used further. For example, in Afghanistan where, by the way, military men truboprovodchiki have laid the longest pipeline - in 1200 km. And 80 % of all fuel for the Soviet grouping in this country were delivered on pipes, contrary to constant diversions. Have done some fighting and in the Chechen Republic, during two antiterrorist campaigns.

In a peace time truboprovodchiki too are not idle … and pipes.

And help to extinguish forest fires. In the summer of 2010 military men of a pipeline battalion of military district have taken part in suppression of burning peatbogs in the central part of Russia. They have laid 4 pipelines providing continuous water delivery to places of kindlings, the general extent more than 40 km.