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Effective correction of a bite

Unfortunately, not all are born with ideally correct bite. However the correct bite directly influences appearance of the person. And appearance, in turn, directly influences the relation of associates. For anybody not a secret that beautiful appearance strongly helps with career growth, business and private life. What to do to people to whom has not got « an ideal smile »?

Brekety - an effective way of correction of a bite!

the Beautiful smile and stomatology – these are links of one chain because the harmonious person and a dazzling smile in many respects depend on an equal tooth alignment and a correct bite. The modern stomatology possesses ample opportunities to help patients to reach a perfect beautiful smile and confidence at dialogue with associates.

Today bite correction probably not only at children, but also at adults. The purpose of such treatment is achievement aesthetic and medical - preventive effect. As a correct bite and equal teeth – it, first of all, healthy a gum, normal work zheludochno - an intestinal path and preventive maintenance of various diseases of a mouth.

In orthodontics for bite correction devices of a various design, in t are used. ch. brekety . Fixed breket - the system represents a set separate breketov (special zamochkov) which fasten on an internal or external surface of teeth.

Fixing and tooth alignment alignment is made by means of passing in a groove of everyone breketa the general orthodontic arch. Using modern brekety, made of strong transparent materials, it is possible to gain good aesthetic effect for the period of all course of treatment as such devices are almost imperceptible for associates.

the Most popular among patients brekety from transparent sapphire, and also a design of the reduced sizes of a streamline shape. They differ high comfort, and their efficiency is proved by long-term practice of application for correction of a bite at adults. Invisible brekety, made personally for each patient, – the most expensive devices which are established on an internal surface of teeth.

Traditional brekety from metal on - former as are widely used, as are the most economic variant of correction of a wrong bite. The price on brekety directly depends on the manufacturer and obscurity for eyes surrounding - the greatest cost possess lingvalnye brekety.

installation and removal Procedure breket - systems absolutely safe and painless. The course of correction of a bite for each patient is individual and on the average makes 1 - 2 years. Reduction of term of treatment is possible at application modern effective breket - systems Damon (Damon Q, Damon 3, Damon Clear), Inspire ICE, STb, Incognito, etc. After treatment end, an indispensable condition for fastening of the reached result is carrying during certain time special demountable retentsionnyh devices.