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Krasnoyarsk doctors have sentenced the child by three months of life

Jeanne Gumenjuk, mum 10 - summer Ruslana

- My son dies, the bill goes on hours, and I can make nothing, - with such words to us Jeanne Gumenjuk, mum 10 - summer Ruslana was converted.


the Boy was ill three months ago. Month has left on diagnosis definition – sharp mieloidnyj MB lejkoz (high risk). The most difficult form lejkoza which very difficultly gives in to treatment. Ruslana have put in Regional children`s hospital, have begun chemotherapy. But it was not possible to achieve remission. Results of treatment show that the most powerful preparations cannot cope with a large quantity blastov in an organism of the child, thus, that Ruslan transfers treatment very hard, it is in a fever, tears, the temperature rises to 42 degrees. Now it was necessary to interrupt treatment. Doctors have taken out a verdict: « the child will not sustain stronger chemotherapy, myvas is not expelled, we will continue to treat the child, but to live to your son remains no more than three months ».

Any mum on light will disagree with such words and Jeanne has started to beat in all bells. By means of volunteer assistants of a site « Krasmama » has sent inquiries in all possible clinics and country and world public organisations. And here the answer from Fund « one of these days has come; Present life » which known actress Chulpan Hamatova supervises: « Your letter has got on consideration to Fund! Unfortunately, we at all do not have the information sent by you to help your son. It is a question of the medical information - that is extracts from those medical institutions in which Ruslan was treated. As soon as we will receive from you these extracts, Fund advisory council « Present Life » which passes every Wednesday, can consider your case and develop an optimum way of the help to your family. Without these documents, unfortunately, it will turn out nothing. Yours faithfully, Denisov Nikolay. Medical department of fund « Present Life » ».


But as it has appeared, with it and there were the greatest problems. According to Jeanne, the doctor cannot give an extract in electronic form because is not able to use the computer … We have suggested to type an extract on the computer. But, it has appeared, it is not present and in written form. The woman was converted to managing branch, that has responded that an extract to them will give out in day when will discharge from hospital. Means, precious time can be missed. We were converted behind the comment   in a press - service of Ministry of Health of edge. Having listened, us have asked to send the letter of inquiry … We have sent, but the answer till now and have not received.