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The Amur Office of Public Prosecutor took cleaning of icicles under personal control and snow from roofs

In the street has become warmer, and amurchane have started to complain of icicles and snow outgrowths which roofs of houses and buildings acquire. The pier to go terribly, to bypass dangerous sites it is necessary for kilometre, and in management companies complain do not complain - all the same the answer is not present. Instead of today - tomorrow, all this winter charm or on heads will start to fall, or in apartments to flow down.

And townspeople have passed to more resolute actions. Complaints began to direct not in « upravljajki » and straight in Office of Public Prosecutor. The measure has appeared more effective.

During public prosecutor`s check it was found out that thirteen management companies do not carry out svoh duties on clearing of roofs.

- On roofs of roofs of apartment houses has been found out naled, icicles, a snow pall on peaks of entrances, pridomovaja the territory is not cleared of snow, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Amur region Valentine Bursjanin has commented on a situation . - To heads of the organisations - infringers representations about elimination of the revealed infringements are brought.

Infringements, management companies should liquidate within a month.

    And under an all-seeing eye of Office of Public Prosecutor following management companies have got:
- « the House management 1 »;
- « the House management 9 »;
- « the House management 12 »;
- « ZHilkomfort »;
- « ZHilkomfort - 3 »;
- « Management of habitation »;
- « the Municipal company »;
- « Management of habitation Blagoveshchensk »;
- « GUK »;
- « Under abnormal condition - the regenerative company »;
- « Justices the house »;
- « Under abnormal condition - the regenerative company - 2 »;
- « the Master - D ».

the INQUIRY « »

Where to call?

It is reminded: in case your operating and serving companies do not react to complaints, we advise to be converted   by phone of city dispatching service of housing and communal services 59 - 28 - 26. Or on « hot phone » regional Office of Public Prosecutor 511 - 666. And your photos of icicles on - former we wait to