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With installation of counters on water samartsam it is not necessary to hurry up

Yesterday at session of public chamber of the Samara region have reported: growth of tariffs for utilities has not exceeded the frameworks established by the law: 15 %. However, why tariffs have risen in price for 15 %, instead of on 10 % or 5 % as, for example, in Kaliningrad, anybody from sitting and has not given the distinct answer.

News number two: samartsam it is not necessary to hurry up with installation of counters on water. The matter is that the decision 37 Governments of the Russian Federation about rules of statement of devices of the account is cancelled. Now it is reconsidered. So it is not excluded that that who will establish account devices not by rules, then it is necessary to reinstall them.

Tariffs for the population (anyway, living in municipal habitation) will be established henceforth by the regional government. To proprietors – their board TSZH. It is necessary to make a start from tariffs of the supplier (see The table more low) And here specifications (for who does not have account devices) while remained last year`s.

– last year tariffs have considerably grown, – has asked at session a question a member of public chamber Konstantin Ushamirsky. – I cry more, and it is not visible to sense, services became better not.

– all the summer long changed pipes main vodovodov, – Elena Zubova, the chief of the department of price control and tariffs of the ministry of economic development, investments and trade of the Samara region has explained. – it was felt on themselves by all motorists. Power put up money in repair and upgrade. And here on what money TSZH will spend, we are not authorised to find out. Board TSZH is obliged to report only to the members.


Tariffs in 2011 for the population


Without counters - 6 190 rub/ 1000 cubic metre.

With the counter – 2 760 rub/ 1000 cubic metre.

Heating of habitation and baths – 2 930 rub/ 1000 cubic metre.

the Electric power

the City; habitation with stationary gas cookers – 2,55 roubles/ watt - hour

the City, habitation with stationary electric stoves or rural habitation – 1,78 roubles/ watt - hour


the Average tariff has increased from 739 roubles for Gkaloriju dl 843 roubles for Gkaloriju.

Average tariffs on area

Water supply – 9,1 roubles for cubic metre

Water removal (water drain) – 6,09 roubles cubic metre

Recycling TBO (garbage removal) - 48, 54 roubles for cubic metre