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During season ORVI primortsy epidemics in Vladivostok are treated by means of nonconventional medicine

According to official figures while are not present. Nevertheless, the quantity of the ill relatives and friends guards.  

- Epidporog on disease by a flu and ORVI neither among children, nor among adults is not exceeded, - the expert of a municipal government of public health services Natalia Borisjuk assures, - any class on quarantine is not closed.

However, doctors do not deny: the quantity ill with virus infections grows day by day. Infectious branches of Vladivostok are overflowed. Children are ill basically. And among adults that there here it is carried by next harmful chih.

Meanwhile, townspeople, without waiting, while the infection will come, have decided to be secured in advance.

So, in one of banks of Primorski Krai of all cashiers and economists have obliged to carry protective masks from a flu. Have remembered a last year`s trend and students of high schools.

Many have decided to be converted to nonconventional medicine.

- At us now flow of clients, - the doctor of clinic of east medicine Alexander Bocharnikov, - the best procedure for cold, a flu, and also a bronchitis and other complications &ndash speaks; warming up polynnymi cigars.

Procedure as the doctor assures, painless though, it appears, pleasant all - taki is not enough: that « to smoke » a body, doctors use special needles which stick in certain points of a body. 5 - 10 procedures – and no infection and close will approach to you. To be heated by cigars it is possible both sick, and to the healthy person. Pleasure not from cheap – 600 roubles for procedure. But on medicines it will be possible to save. As doctors assure, after such course of tablets from viruses any more it is not required to you.

For preventive maintenance it is possible to use and more accessible way: Add in tea broth from seeds of fennel, caraway seeds, an anise, fenhelja, a coriander. And mint, a balm and a raspberry will help to lower temperature.