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Nikolay SHULGA: For nechishchennye sidewalks the Pure city we will make answerable


Good afternoon, Nikolay Petrovich! You are disturbed by Olga Rogina. Tell, please, when will make repair of road from the lane of the Serf to Zhuravlyov`s lane on street Petrovsky?

- Repair of street Petrovsky, from the lane of the Serf to Zhuravlyov`s lane, is planned to execute till August, 1st, 2011. It is provided by the plan of works on repair of objects ulichno - a high system of the Kirov area.

- precisely will make?

- we Will try.

good afternoon! Grigory Vasilevich disturbs. At us in the lane the Serf, 108, the lift does not work. I the invalid to rise in an invalid chair on 5 - j a floor -   the present torture. Help!

- the Lift in your house does not work from - for preventive repair. But I can please you, lift start-up is planned for these days. Also in connection with short shipment of services to tenants of your house operating organisation of Open Company of housing and communal services « Kirov » in February of current year recalculation under the column « will be made; the Lift ».

- Well thanks, we will wait.

Good afternoon! Victor Ivanovich calls to you. I live on M.Gorkogo`s street, 186.   To us promised major repairs. Say, the house costs in a title. And things are right where they started! A leah so will be repair?

- Considering the decision of proprietors of your house and presence of the report on participation in sofinansirovanii works, the house 186 on M. street The bitter it is included in the preliminary list of objects of major repairs of the general property of apartment houses of the Kirov area for 2011 with following kinds of works: repair of a roof, a facade, intrahouse engineering systems of water removal, a heat supply, an electrical supply, water supply, replacement liftovogo the equipment. As soon as Open Company management company « the Operating organisation of housing and communal services - 7 » will give in MU « Management of the Kirov area » the full package of documents confirming the right of reception of grants for the house, and at the financing allocation, the planned works will be executed. While the list of apartment houses of available housing of the Kirov area in which it is planned to make capital repairs at the expense of financial support in frameworks of the address program, is not confirmed.


Hello, Nikolay Petrovich! Alexander Sergeevich on communication. I live on street Krasnoarmejsky, 222. I and other tenants very much am am stirred with a question when to us will change water pipes?

- This question should dare at general meeting of proprietors of the house. Gather, paint kinds of works which should be made, and the general meeting report carry in the management company of Open Company « the Operating organisation of housing and communal services » to the address: B.Sadovaja`s street, 180 - 182 (ph. 263 - 84 - 08). Further on the basis of the report of general meeting of proprietors of the house the operating organisation will prepare a package of documents (monitoring, design - budget the documentation, the last non-departmental examination, lists of proprietors of premises and so forth). Well and the decision on carrying out of capital repairs and its financing will be accepted then on the basis of the report of general meeting of proprietors of the house and all these documents.

- And to us - to tenants - to pay for these capital repairs it will be necessary?

- Proprietors should sofinansirovat capital repairs proportionally to a property share.

good afternoon, Nikolay Petrovich! Svetlana Vapdysheva calls. I have received a room in a communal flat on avenue of Sokolov, 21. But there on a broader scale there is no heating. It when - nibud will make?
- materials Now are just bought. So after the cold season termination in your room insert of radiators will be made.

« the HOUSE of BARON VRANGELJA will be soon redeemed by the INVESTOR »

Hello, Nikolay Petrovich! Valentina Tamozhenko with you speaks. Tell, please, when will be otselenie living in the emergency house in the lane University, 1/ 59?
- to redeem kvar
shooting galleries at proprietors in your house, the city administration at first should withdraw the earth on which it costs, for municipal needs. But now an obstacle to it that at the died owner of one of apartments and fellow-heirs did not appear ministers. As soon as this problem will dare, proprietors will receive indemnifications, and living in municipal apartments - new habitation.

- and when it will be, Nikolay Petrovich? In this house after all to live terribly!

- I Think that in the near future, month - two, we completely will solve this problem. Believe to me, all of us for this purpose do.

good afternoon! My name is Olga Mihajlovna. On crossing of the lane Newspaper and the street Don costs the house of baron Vrangelja. It now arrives in an awful status. Us - tenants of the Kirov area - very much stirs, what will be with it further?

- There is an investor, wishing to redeem this house at archdiocese. However there is one small problem. From this house the gas pipe lies, which yet do not know, how it is technically possible to move to make the given house convenient for operation. As soon as this problem will dare, the investor will redeem the house and will be engaged in its accomplishment.

- tell, and sidewalks on the lane Newspaper will be under repair?

- On the lane Newspaper sidewalks while will not be under repair, and along the street the Don work are planned.

hello, Nikolay Petrovich! Olga Mihajlovna on a wire. On underground transition to crossing of avenue Voroshilovsky and B.Sadovoj`s street slippery steps. Make something, please!

- Literally tomorrow - the day after tomorrow we will prosecute this subjects. Let`s find the technical decision to go on steps was not skolzko.


« it WILL be constructed NEW 25 - METER POOL « SPARTAK »

Why on Bogatjanovsky Descent do not clean snow on sidewalks and do not sand?
Lyudmila Vasilevna.

- Yes, this infringement. MU « Management of highways of the Kirov area » cities of Rostov-on-Don is going to involve Open Society « the Pure city » to administrative responsibility.

we live on street Filimonovsky. The pridomovaja territory leaving on the lane of the Serf, in an awful status. Who should clean this territory and where to be converted, if it do not clean?

- Since January, 1st, 2011 of work Open Society contract organisation « carries out; Pure city ». It is possible to inform On all infringements by phones: 231 - 84 - 00, 288 - 83 - 86.

Also according to the decision Rostov - on - Don of a municipal duma from 09. 02. 2010 adjoining territory directly adjoining on all perimetre on distance of 10 metres, is cleaned by owners of territories.

tell, please, when will be engaged in repair of the lane of the Serf, from M.Gorkogo to Tekucheva?

- In 2011 repair proezzhej parts of the lane of the Serf, from M.Gorkogo`s street to street Tekucheva, is not planned. In 2010 on the given site it is executed flowing   repair, a technical status proezzhej parts the satisfactory. Major repairs of the lane of the Serf are expedient for executing together with repair of a tram way.

why so much years cost in ruin pool « Spartak » on street Coastal?

- Now it is developed design - the budget documentation for building on this place of a complex of inhabited and trading purpose in which will be and 25 - metre pool.

it is concrete

What roads and sidewalks lanes Tamansky, from street Krasnoarmejsky to street Nansena
the lane of the Serf, from street Socialist to Stanislavsky`s street
the lane Bus
street Maljuginoj, from avenue of Sokolov to Chekhov`s avenue
street Lermontovsky, from avenue of Sokolov to Chekhov`s avenue
Suvorov`s street, from the lane Newspaper to avenue Voroshilovsky
street Nizhnebulvarnaja, from Zhuravlyov`s lane to the lane Derzhavinsky
street Petrovsky, from the lane of the Serf to Zhuravlyov`s lane
the lane Krylovsky, from Stanislavsky`s street to street Sedova
the lane will be repaired in 2011

Ufa, from street Krasnovodsk to street Nansena
street Cherepahina, from the lane of the Serf to avenue Theatrical
the lane Newspaper, from M.Gorkogo`s street to street Krasnoarmejsky


to Register in reception to the head of administration of the Kirov area it is possible every Monday, except last Monday month, from 9 o`clock till 11 o`clock to the address: avenue Kirov, 90, and also by phone: 262 - 47 - 72 (Monday - Tuesday). Reception by the head of administration is conducted to the same address on Mondays, except the first Monday of month, in 16. 00.

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