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The trainer the Native land Igor Zagoskin: It is necessary to do the new command

In a rating of the championship of Russia on bandy Kirov « the Native land » has fallen on the ninth place. Though before hockey players have parted from native clubs in national teams on the World championship, our team was on 6 - an ohm standings place. But good luck has quickly left our team. After two last house defeats « Ural trubniku » and « to Kuzbas » the Kirov command has rolled down on three lines downwards.

« Kuzbas » - the strong rival, therefore defeat to it has surprised nobody. But here is how kirovchane could lose houses to the command from Pervouralsk, occupying only 11 - e a place in standings?
- On last two matches it is visible that children are not assured of the forces, - the head coach « considers; the Native land » Igor Zagoskin. - play shy. The confidence of the forces was gone, looked obrechenno.
And after all the confidence should be, after all the three strongest « rodintsev » have just returned from Kazan where have not bad acted as a part of a national team of Kazakhstan in the World championship. And than it not stimulus to play confidently? But at the head coach of our command of the claim just to « the old-timer » to skilled players of the team. Zagoskin after two defeats has come to a conclusion that it is necessary to update a line-up.
- it is unconditional, it is necessary to do the new command, - Igor Vasilevich on poslematchevoj a press - conferences has shared. - to stake on youth to move further. It could be made earlier, but those children whom we now bring to the basic structure, are yet ready.
And if young are yet ready opytsnye are not so ready.
- On trainings at players extinct eyes, - Igor Vasilevich tells. - they feel from different directions pressure. Fans want, that we have risen above. But real our place in this season - the eighth. It is clear that fans wish the best results, but it is necessary to estimate the command really. And the mood is influenced by everyone vykriknutaja a phrase and each inscription on the Internet. Now a psychological status below a plinth. As soon as the mood in the command will be adjusted, we will show other hockey.
        the Kirov fans in the World championship on Bandy in Kazan