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In Udmurtiya exempts can change sotspaket

Earlier a set of social services of exempts consisted of two parts: medicinal maintenance and payment of granting of a vacation package on sanatorno - resort treatment were uniform, and preferential journey to suburban trains separate service. And now the law have a little changed, and a medicinal component of social services have divided on two.

- Citizens who put in the statement on refusal or renewal of social services (-) till October, 1st, 2010, can change earlier made decision on refusal or renewal of a medicinal component sotspaketa, - the chief specialist - the expert of department of social payments of branch of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation on Ur Elena Mineeva makes comments . – Change the decisions they can from January, 1st till April, 1st, 2011. If the exempt refuses a part sotspaketa it will receive it money. But it will concern only lekarstvenno - sanatorium parts –/ d privileges it does not concern. If to be converted with the statement in January recalculation will be made in February, accordingly for February in March, and for March in April.

will change Nothing and with giving of statements for 2012 – they as should be submitted till October, 1st.

Use this service federal exempts &ndash can; invalids, veterans of the Second World War, veterans of operations, chernobyltsy prisoners of concentration camps and other categories of citizens having privileges.


705 roubles - an overall cost of a social package. From them (in a month) – on medical products 543 roubles, on sanatorno - resort rest &ndash are necessary; 84 roubles and on journey on the railway of 78 roubles.