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Pskovicham have repaired a roof, having chiselled through holes in other places!

in the street winter, and in apartment Ziminyh – spring downpours.  

- This history has begun on New Year`s feasts, - Natalia Zimin tells pskovichka. - we with the husband live in two-room apartment in the house 29 under the October prospectus. On fifth of January in the evening I have dozed off, and have woken up from knock of rain drops. From a ceiling dripped! As was already seven o`clock in the evening, in a house management, Open Company « Microdistrict 6 » we have called only next day.  
Spouses have abused for the late demand, but have promised « whenever possible » to clean off snow from a roof. But on this, next day tenants have waited nothing. In the meantime has watered in the second room. Natasha - on the fourth month of pregnancy, it will have two kids. From a smell of whitewashing at it the toxicosis with which it in December already lay in hospital has amplified. Though cry! And here there have still come days off, and in a house management « all have left on front ».  
the Thaw does not stop some weeks.
a photo: Alexander SIDORENKO
on January, 11th a tube at last - that have removed. In one room it has been filled in already a half-ceiling, and in another whitewashing was groundless. Ziminy have moved to live on kitchen.  
on January, 13th the husband at last - that has made the written statement. In its house management « have encouraged »: « 60 roofs when the turn will reach you Flow, it is not known ».  
- on January, 18th to us the commission on certificate drawing up about damage compensation at last has come, - Natalia continues. - they have responded to my questions: « the contractor who repaired a roof in 2006 Is guilty. The roof on a guarantee, also will not be proved yet fault of the contractor, no repairs will exist ».  
In some days snow from a roof nevertheless have cleaned off. And here also frosts have appeared in time. For any time of Ziminy have sighed easy.  
So the house of Ziminyh looks outside.
the Photo: Alexander SIDORENKO
on February, 2nd Natalia has again woken up from knock of drops.   and all on new - the repeated statement with instructions that the situation threatens health of mum and health of future children. - on all my questions I heard one – the malicious contractor who repaired a roof is guilty. Now the house management collects documents for court with it and when there will be a court – it is not known.  
Coming back from work on February, 4th, Natalia has lifted eyes on a roof and has sighed with relief: snow are not present. However was waited by a surprise &ndash at home; water whipped in kitchen, a unique place where it was dry. The husband ran each three hours with buckets, and the wife seriously began to worry that the ceiling will fall.  
- the Question what to do to us, tenants of the top floors while there are proceedings? – Natalia does not cry nearly. - and me personally very much stirs, where I will bring children after maternity home? In apartment it is necessary to do major repairs, but without repair of a roof it is deprived any sense!  
Also it is a situation typical for Pskov. People regularly pay for apartment including on capital repairs give. And capital repairs by it like would do! Only bungle. But money - that is already paid!  
the Chief of the department of Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of protection of the rights of consumers and well-being of the person on the Pskov area Alexander Nesteruk prompts how to arrive.  
- At first it is necessary to be converted into a management company. There are obliged to accept your complaint and to send the representative that that has examined dwelling. To make the certificate they should within 12 hours. And the certificate second copy by all means to give you, and your signature under it is obligatory!  
- If to you have refused complaint check in, send it by mail the certified mail with the investment inventory. And there and then after write the complaint to a higher body – in housing inspection, in Rospotrebnadzor as break your rights as the consumer of services.
- If and in housing inspection there is no answer write the application in Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to institute criminal proceedings employees of a management company in damage obshchedomovogo and personal property to which the damage (item 167 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation) is caused. Demand, that the employee of Office of Public Prosecutor left into place and has fixed consequences of infringements. If and Office of Public Prosecutor to you will refuse, to appeal against against refusal it is possible in higher Office of Public Prosecutor. Remember terms – 10 days from the moment of answer reception!  
- Under the law should flow to eliminate within days after filing of application. If days have passed, and at you on - former flows, complain above, up to Office of Public Prosecutor. In an ideal, you can achieve not only leaking elimination, but also repair in apartment, and also indemnification for expectation.
- (complaints, claims, claims, statements) it is necessary to make All references exclusively in writing. And the second copy – with the press, a stamp, date and entering number – to take away to itself.  
-   Formal replies (answers beside the point or transfer to other person) – are illegal. If have received such formal reply, again write the complaint to higher instance.
And such houses in Pskov more than sixty.
a photo: Alexander SIDORENKO
– Write down on a dictophone phone conversations with domoupravami and housing inspections;
– Involve neighbours (if employees of a house management deny the visit, eyewitnesses can confirm it).  
it is important!
3 % a day from the damage put to you   you have the right to demand through court from a management company if she in 10 - dnevnyj term has not responded you to the claim. The sum is defined by independent appraisers.
50 % from a claim total sum can impose on domoupravov court. For that they did not observe an order of satisfaction of your requirements.
If at you houses a similar situation - write on a site. We will struggle together for our rights!