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In Krasnoyarsk there was a butterfly - a long-liver

- Only you be not frightened, it looks not so, the age affects, - directly from a threshold the mistress of nursery of butterflies informs Anastas Sultanova.

the Girl shows an aged insect – wings faded and shabby, edges are broken off. « the old woman » sits on a chair as on a zavalinka, and does not move almost - tjazhelehonko already. And it is not surprising. Usually butterflies of this kind (and our champion concerns a kind papilio lowi) live not longer two weeks. And here - the second month has gone! Owners are surprised: how has stretched so much?

- she Was born on New Year`s Eve, just frosts have once again struck. Perhaps in it a secret? Say after all that on a frost you remain young longer, - jokes Anastas. - but if it is serious, I think, has put here in good leaving and « correct » to meal. For « old women » In insektarii we maintain constant temperature 25 - 26 degrees, humidity and even daily bathings! Yes - yes, butterflies too wash. Under a spray. Eat the sugar dissolved in water or medical Such conditions at least partially explain a record dolgozhitelstva.

By the way, the elderly lady is noted by any labour exploits – in exhibitions of participation did not accept, all life of the house has stayed in inactivity. And the name at it too is not present – do not give to their butterflies, it is not necessary. Too little they live …

Usually butterflies of this kind live not longer two weeks
the Photo: Maria ANANOVA