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The central square should be reconstructed for the sake of a new temple

on February, 8th architects of Vladivostok have discussed the project of a new cathedral church which will be constructed in the centre of capital of Primorski Krai. There, where now on Ship quay while the parking place operates the bottom extension will take place. In premises more than 2,5 thousand metres will arrange with a total area administrative and office accommodations. In the same place will be a conference - a hall and a refectory for ecclesiastics. In a temple simultaneously can be to 1600 church-goers. Round a cathedral the territory for carrying out of religious processions is provided.

the Building of classical Russian architecture will be well visible from water area of a bay the Gold Horn.

the Main architect DNIIMF Alexander Kotljarov , the project head has presented two variants of furnish of facades of a cathedral. Beautifully looks, but it is not practical, a temple if it to plaster and paint with a white paint. With our winds and sharp differences of temperatures this short-lived covering. Though other offer too looks elegantly: to lay out a facade a modern red brick.

the Temple will face a building of regional administration
the Photo: Igor NOVIKOV

members of town-planning council of Vladivostok, truth, had some doubts apropos as Spaso - the Preobrazhenskiy cathedral will be combined with present shape of a main square of capital of Primorski Krai.

- the Under construction bridge will visually press on a temple, - has noticed the oldest the architect of Primorski Krai Valentine Anikeev . - But it already neustranimo.  

In zasednii gradsoveta Photos took part Larissa Belobrova and Yury Stepanchenko

Colleagues have wished authors of the project to think how to create something like a green zone near the future church that the temple did not stand on an asphalt parade-ground. Near to gold domes it is inappropriate trading constructions on the area look. the main architect of Vladivostok Anatoly Melnik has reminded that reconstruction of a central square of a city – for a long time already the ripened problem, especially when Vladivostok is going to receive visitors of summit ATES:

- the area should have other architectural decision. It should be arranged under a temple.  

And at this time

Memorial stelu will erect on peninsula Nazimova

Town-planning council of Vladivostok has considered also placing variants stely in honour of assignment to capital of Primorski Krai of a rank « the City of military glory ». Idea to establish a memorial construction on Ship quay have rejected almost unanimously. Not only that the cult place is already oversaturated by monuments, this architectural ensemble « Fighting glory » it is protected by the state, and simply to take and thrust there also stelu simply forbids the legislation.

Stelu of the City voisnkoj glories decided to place on peninsula Nazimova
the Photo: Igor NOVIKOV

the Majority of participants of discussion have abandoned to the idea that the peninsula Nazimova, whence begins the future bridge on island Russian, with its magnificent panoramas can become a new point of an attraction for townspeople and tourists. Besides here stand since 1904 well-known Peter and Paul mortirnye batteries which are a part of the Vladivostok strong hold.