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Omichka took the credit to prove to the former guy that it the father of its child

About six years ago inhabitant Poltavki Lydia Sholkaeva has understood that becomes fast mum. But its young man, having learnt about pregnancy, has there and then crawfished.

- I am not ready to nurture the child! - he has declared and has soon broken off relations.

to Get rid of the kid Lydia did not become, in spite of the fact that already raised a two-year daughter from other man. « means, I will lift children herself! » - she has solved, and in 9 months on light there was charming kid Iljusha - a copy of the father. Four years Lydia nurtured the child one. Turned - span as could - it was very heavy to live for the small salary of the cook in a kindergarten. Well and father Iljushi practically did not look on a visit and did not help money. Moreover, the man doubted that the boy is born from it.

- As it is not a shame to you! - told a grief - daddy its friends and colleagues. - After all it as two drops is similar waters to you!

the Offence grew in Lydia`s shower year after year, and once the woman has not sustained: has decided to prove by all means were that it the father of the child. It has gone to bank and has issued the credit for 30 thousand roubles - it was required so much to make genetic examination.

Before the analysis of blood daddy so has suffered prolonged anxiety that was slapped in a faint, leaving an office. And when doctors with a smile have said: « you are a father! » - has kept silent, having hung a head. Probably, it became a shame.

But also after examination in it warm feelings have not woken up. It on - former would not like to help the son. It took the inquiry on incomes where it was said that receives 1 000 roubles a month on work, and as the alimony was going to give pity 300 roubles. Meanwhile all settlement knew that the man not such and poor: earns additionally the taxi driver and recently has bought a foreign car.

But that the car was arrested by court enforcement officers, has issued it on the mother. Then Lydia has decided to be converted into court with the claim about a recognition of such void. Here - that the man was frightened! It has paid off at once with debts and even has returned money for genetic examination. Besides, has surprised everything, having brought in court the inquiry from a registry office where in the column of data on the father of the boy its surname has been entered.

- I was ready to do anything it not from - for money, - Lydia speaks. - me it was insulting that the father of my child did not recognise the son. Has solved from principle to prove that it is not right. And at all I do not feel sorry about it!

In turn the man has promised Lydias that will regularly pay the alimony and to come to see the boy. On February, 14th Iljushe is executed 5 years, and it has already drawn an invitation card for the father.