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The seaman from Kaliningrad: We make hatches and we hide

« wrote that now in a captivity pirates have kaliningradets Dmitry Gudkov. 29 - go November it the second mechanic has gone to flight to dry-cargo ship Beluga Nomination. And on January, 22nd in 400 miles from Seychelles the vessel was attacked by pirates. According to some information « Belugu » the so-called active piracy group in which structure were a vessel - base and an attacking boat attacked.

And as we know, one more kaliningradets is in danger. Our fellow countryman, the senior mechanic Valery Jurchenko now onboard vessel SE - Veridian. We have contacted it and here that he has told:

- Our vessel SE - Veridian belongs to the same company, as vessel Beluga Nomination which was grasped by pirates. On our vessel of 16 persons of crew. I one Russian, from Kaliningrad. The others - inhabitants of Ukraine and Philippines. We stand at coast of India and we prepare for pass through « a piracy zone »: we make inputs, exits, windows, hatches, doors. Certainly, to us it is terrible …

« has contacted the son of the seaman Alexey.

- the Father has left in the sea in December for four months. When we last time with it spoke, he has told that prepares for pass on piracy territory. Protection any is not present, and will not be, probably. Them can attack, and we with mum very much worry, - Alexey speaks. – they requested the help of the ship-owner, but to them have refused.

- And all - taki do not change a route?

- Yes, will go at own risk. Will carry or will not carry. The father told, how pass through piracy zones and even showed photos of the barricaded courts. Boards wind from different directions with a barbed wire, on a deck place dummies with automatic machines – for intimidation. And seamen make exits and hide. Wildness! Thus, for example, the Chinese vessels accompany the military ships.

By the way, waters of Indian ocean become more and more dangerous to navigation and for seamen. The military men who are close, open fire often, trying to rescue seamen. The expert in a piracy problem, the editor of the edition speaks about it « the Sea bulletin » Michael Vojtenko.

- Military men have ungirdled, they obviously like new level of fascinating game - shooters under the name « Struggle against a piracy ». From all parties military men risk most less, incomparably there are less than pirates and civil seamen and fishermen. But they manage honours and awards, plus rare possibility with impunity to do some shooting on live targets and to fulfil other skills. The violence promptly grows. Responsible ship-owners simply employ armed security forces. So known company Sovkomflot has made. After several attacks on its tankers, it began to employ private armed security forces, and since then sleeps easily, - writes Vojtenko.

« will watch succession of events.