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The vladimirskiy scientist applies for the award in one million dollars

Vladimir Romanov, the professor of stand ISIM of the Vladimirskiy state university, has presented on court of world scientific community the work on a problem, for which decision   American   Mathematical institute Kleja has appointed the award in one million US dollars.

On - to the, this problem is not less difficult and popular among mathematicians, than the well-known theorem the Farm. It is formulated so: P=NP, differently - « a question on equality of classes of complexity P and NP ». It is a problem of one of mathematics sections — theories of calculations. If very approximately to translate an essence of a problem from mathematical language on human, it will turn out about the following: if the affirmative reply on any question can be checked up quickly, a leah truth, what the answer to this question it is possible to find that quickly? Differently — If the correct decision of a problem probably to check up for limited time it can and be found for limited time.

the Decision of this problem has huge value for development of programming and, as consequence, all computer facilities. If all - taki is proved that P=NP, it will give the chance to solve set unsoluble at present problems. For the first time the problem has been formulated in 1971, and till now decisions is not found. Moreover, more and more scientists tend to that the decision will be negative, that is equality is not correct. Though about time in half a year there is a next proof of fidelity of the statement on which there and then with passion mathematicians of the whole world rush.

Professor VlGu Vladimir Romanov worked over a solution of a problem some years, and considers that it managed to prove its positive decision. For the first time work under the name « Not orthodox combinatory models on the basis of not co-ordinated structures » devoted to this mathematical problem, has been published in 2007 in electronic scientific magazine « It is investigated in Russia ». In total publication occupies 19 pages, however actually to the proof theory is devoted some from them.

Within several years Vladimir Romanov tried to publish the work and in specialised magazines, authoritative among the mathematicians, however any magazine has not accepted article. Refused basically to formal signs — remarks concerning registration of work and to that to similar defects became. However colleagues of the vladimirskiy scientist are assured that scientific reviewers simply do not want to incur responsibility and to start up in the press work of the provincial professor asserting that has solved one of key problems of the theory of calculations. Simply - naprosto nobody can believe that the decision of such problem can proceed not from institute with an international recognition.

If the decision of the vladimirskiy professor will appear correct and will be recognised by Mathematical institute Kleja, it, undoubtedly, will receive the promised award at a rate of one million dollars. A leah counts Vladimir Romanov seriously on such award and that with it will do — it was not possible to learn to us. Like the well-known mathematician Grigory Perelmanu,   to which the same Mathematical institute Kleja has awarded one million dollars for a solution of a problem Poincare, Vladimir Romanov avoids contacts to journalists.

Meanwhile Vladimir Romanov`s work is published on numerous sites of the Internet, and world the mathematical community actively searches « holes » in its proof. One of known Russian programmers even has told that if the decision will appear correct — He will add the car to the award, having given to its vladimirskiy professor.

By the way, Vladimir Romanov`s students say about the teacher that he not simply excellent knows a subject (he teaches the discrete mathematics, the mathematical logic, the theory of automatic machines and adjacent sections), namely loves mathematics in all its displays.