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Omich does the greatest nested doll in the world

55 - the summer master of a national craft Sergey Saprygin has decided to surprise everything, having made the greatest nested doll in the world. In height this miracle will be 2 metres of 25 sm is on 10 sm above a world record! And inside 121 figure should be located, the small will be the size of one and a half millimetre! The nested doll will represent the subjugator of Siberia Ermaka in a chain armour, with a board, palitsej and a spear, and on a helmet at it the arms of Omsk will flaunt. Inside the master « will plant » figures of heroes of Russian fairy tales and legends. On their clothes will draw kinds of our city.

Such idea has appeared at the artist with an ulterior motive - four years ago at competition in Novosibirsk it has won a title « the Best master on nested dolls in Siberia ».

- I have understood that it is impossible to stop on reached, - Sergey Saprygin speaks. – Here also has solved: « Let my invention will amaze all! »

the Nested doll - the giant it will make of a linden - a tree which is difficult for finding in Siberia. The master had to go behind a material to Nizhni Novgorod. Now work goes at full speed - Sapryginu help its members of household.

- At me very creative family, - tells the artist. - the father was the carver of furniture, and in the childhood I with enthusiasm observed of its work. Then and itself began to cut out figures. I am engaged in it till now though I do not have art education!

Paints work the daughter of the master - artist Valentine Tobolina. Sergey Saprygin plans to finish work to following birthday Omsk - that is by August of this year.