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Show the First squadron : Tricks for stars are carried out by pilots?

in what only roles have not visited yet our stars... In figure skating studied, dances practised, were even circus actors. But above all (in literal sense) in the desire to amaze the spectator the command of stars of the First channel has got. Seven participants of the new project the First squadron on a legend should master a trade of the pilot and show, to that have learnt. In the first transfer of the project Irina Slutsky, Maxim Shevchenko, Alena Sviridov, Tatyana Arno, Alexey Glyzin, Stas Pyekha and Anton Privolnov straight off should execute everyone on five aerobatic manoeuvres. We have asked to comment on their performances and show on a broader scale in the past of the pilot, and nowadays the expert in security of flights of Victor TIMOSHKINA.
the Organization of flights
Stars flied by planes the Yak - 52. Before it they have passed certain instructing and preparation.
- If it is fair, I expected from the project bolshego. Unfortunately, to us practically have not shown and have not told, how participants prepared for flights. If in similar shows about dances or about figure skating all was visible: here the star has fallen, here has slipped, then there was nothing similar. Not clearly also, by what principle heroes were selected. Such impression was made what take part in the project could though Xenia Sobchak, though Lyudmila Zykina.
In each crew was on two members: the pilot - the instructor and a celebrity.
- Unfortunately, about pilots to the televiewer practically have told nothing. And all of them are perfect people, real professionals. But, alas, much they do not earn. Therefore, I think, they and have not refused participation in the project. Though it would be more useful for aircraft if they have told that now occurs in aviaschools. If earlier competition there was on 8 - 9 persons into place now hardly holds out to ones and a half - two persons. The youth does not want to go to aircraft. And the project the First squadron unfortunately, it does not popularise.

Each crew of new show is a professional pilot and someone from stars.
In a forward cabin the instructor - the professional, in back - a star sits. Under the scenario the instructor lifts the plane in air, then transfers control to the star crewman. That should execute following figures: a pique, a loop, a hill (when the plane soars up upwards at an angle in 45 degrees), a bend and to a butt.
- Excuse, but it is a full facade. To make not that that a butt or a loop, and even simply to fly up and sit down, it is necessary days 15 - 20 studying of technics, then even days 10 - 15 to fly, and in a forward cabin, instead of in the back. Here then already though something can to try be made.
the Ostentatious part is necessary to much to liking, is removed beautifully, kinds open the perfect. But real... The professional sees at once that all figures were executed by professionals, stars only supported the handle, seriously they did not influence an event.
- It is insulting that authors of the program have absolutely forgotten about such prominent aspect, as security of flights. In Russia, of course, the small aircraft not so is developed, as in the USA, but it is possible to fly nevertheless, it is for this purpose unessential to be a star. So, it is necessary to be ready to different situations. For example, in the USA small planes fights on 1200 - 1500 pieces in a year. It would be possible to tell about it.
Basically to test the same, as stars - participants of the project, not so it is difficult. For this purpose it is necessary to be converted into aeroclub the Cuban to make an application one days prior to prospective flight (in the days off it is possible to give the demand in day of flights after the arrival on airdrome).
20 minutes of flight with the instructor stand about 4000 roubles. All information can be received by phone (495 585 - 28 - 60 (works only from Thursday on Sunday).
1 - j, the First squadron Saturday, day.