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The Norwegian sovereign fund has sold actions Rio Tinto

One of the largest shareholders Rio Tinto, the Norwegian sovereign fund, has sold the share in the company, almost for $1 billion from - for fears for gold mine Grasberg.

Fund in the size $375 billion has declared that has sold actions belonging to it as could not persuade Rio to improve operations on a mine in Western Papua.

In the official statement the Minister of Finance of Norway has accused the company of drawing of a serious damage to environment.

Mine Grasberg is the world`s largest gold mine and the third largest copper mine, but constantly is under fire of criticism from legal experts and ecologists. The operator

Grasberg is company Freeport McMoRan from Nju - the Anatto tree, and Rio 40 % of actions of a mine belong.

Legal experts confirm, security guards Freeport and the Indonesian soldiers regularly force, torture, kill and subject to extrajudicial arrests of the people living near to a mine. Ecologists, in turn, say that Grasberg daily dumps 230 thousand tons the river Adzhikva. A waste contains traces of potassium cyanide which is used at gold mining, and toxic level of such metals as lead, copper and zinc.

the Press - secretary Rio Tinto has declared: We closely co-operate with Freeport and are satisfied by work of this company on mine Grasberg. The system of recycling of a waste is effective, and about an ecological damage speech does not go .

However the Minister of Finance of Norway Kristin Halvorsen   does not divide this point of view. In its statement it is told: There are no signs of that company methods in the future will change. The fund cannot hold the action of such company informs   information   a portal norge. ru referring to   Times   and k2kapital. com.