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Today 81 steams of a newly-married couple simultaneously will merge in a kiss

Day of family dialogue or as it have christened in the people conceptions on September, 12th in Ulyanovsk it will be marked in the third time. During the same moment the action " starts; Give birth to the patriot in day of Russia . At the same time in it significant day is declared also the next day of sobriety. And all aforesaid will begin not somehow, and with city subbotnika I love the city . It is offered to all interested persons with 8. 00 to 14. 00 to work in streets on September, 12th, Industrial and several squares. To clear these territories of a dirt and stuff. It is supposed that shovels and a broom take in hands both ordinary townspeople, and officials.

the extensive cultural program Further is provided: uljanovtsy can visit parks, museums and libraries. Everywhere happy families, according to organizers, will wait with open arms.

- Various actions will pass in all municipal unions, - has told the head of department Lyudmila TIKHONOV`S REGISTRY OFFICE. - in some areas family avenues will open. In Karsunsky area will pass parade of brides. It is pleasant, as in Ulyanovsk on September, 12th becomes the present feast. This day to register the relations 81 loving couple has wanted. Earlier on Friday so much wishing to become spouses it was not observed. And it only in a city. add on here even more 60 steams which will register in area.

One of the most entertainment actions should pass in park the Family which settles down near to the Fifth sun . Here by 150 cars to 15. 30 there should arrive all steams which will register the relations this day. Perfect ladies in magnificent dresses and newly made husbands   in elegant suits on green allejke in a flash should merge in a uniform kiss.

- We very much want, that accompanied by GAI after that actions all cars have driven a huge train, - has noted TIKHONOV. - let Ulyanovsk will shudder. It would be desirable, that such wedding train was seen by as much as possible townspeople.

But the main thing, of course, not in a feast as that. For the last years in region the system approach to supervision over lying-in women and women which become mummies has been developed. Them supply with vitamins, food sets and many other things. Thanks to what on light there are healthy and strong kids - future uljanovtsy and Russians.


the Ulyanovsk governor Sergey Morozov was converted to representatives of all trading networks: not to sell this day alcohol on a broader scale - from beer and to vodka. From the majority of businessmen are received the consent. But references have recommendatory character, therefore for its infringement punishment is not provided.


87 children were born this year following the results of the action Give birth to the patriot in Day of Russia . In 2007 kids was on 9 less.



Where to go all family

all the day long to wedding palace foyer it will be possible to admire photo-exhibition following the results of the action Give birth to the patriot in day of Russia .

14. 00 - in the big hall of a Lenin memorial the charitable concert of association of ballroom dances will take place.

12. 00 - in a philharmonic society will begin konkursno - the game program for children and parents of theatre of dolls of V.M.Leontevoj.

18. 00 - at regional children`s school of arts starts a concert the Magic world of music .

15. 00 - in a recreation centre. It on May, 1st will pass a concert of creative collectives.

13. 00 - at a cinema Ljumer Free display of a film " will take place; the Italian .

14. 00 and 16. 00 - in a small hall TSNTI will organise family viewing of films for kids.

11. 00 - in the Ulyanovsk regional library for children and youth experts will tell about sites for children and their parents (than to feed how not to be ill and etc.) .

18. 00 - in the Ulyanovsk regional library for children and youth the exhibition, interactive game with children and their parents will open.

  12. 00 - in all libraries of a city exhibitions will open, will pass the dramatized representations and family conversations.

11. 00 - 19. 00 - in park Victory a concert of creative collectives of a city, driving on a pony, trade is developed.

Since morning and to 18. 00 - in park the Vinnovsky grove the exhibition " will work; Gifts of autumn will pass tournament on chess Who of whom and the dancing program.

17. 00 - 19. 00 - in park the Family will organise a disco.

16. 00 - fizkulturno - an improving complex New generation - a sports feast and competitions.

14. 00 - 19. 00 - stadiums Start Volga Simbirsk - Sports meets.

12. 00 - 17. 00 - free consultations of experts in GUZ the Ulyanovsk regional children`s clinical hospital GUZ the Ulyanovsk regional clinical hospital MUSES Children`s polyclinic 6 MUSES Children`s city hospital 3 .

8. 00 - 17. 00 - in Ulyanovsk regional klinichnskom a narcological clinic an open day. Narcologists accept free of charge and anonymously. Also to ask questions it is possible on a direct line: (8422 45 - 37 - 16.

17. 00 - at regional drama theatre of I.A.Goncharov the family feast will begin.

18. 00 - in circus Cheerful arena charitable representation will begin.

all the day long in the ministry of sports and the youth policy will work a telephone hotline . In sphere of a youth policy, support of young families, it is possible to set any questions to experts, having dialled number (8422 41 - 30 - 30.