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Gazoviki Sergey Maslov, the representative of the gas enterprise of a city of Noyabrsk have collected for a family of the victim in Ossetia tjumentsa 300 thousand roubles

past Tuesday, has specially arrived to Tyumen to pass sincere condolences to parents of Raushana Abdullina which were lost at clearing of Tskhinvali in South Ossetia. About what grief has comprehended Gulfruz Sergeevnu and Mohammed Haburahmanovicha from village Narimanovo of the Tyumen area, we told on August, 13th and 20.

About tragedy gazoviki have learnt from newspapers. Has pricked in heart. Money has collected cash who how much could. The military registration and enlistment office has helped to meet a family.

- At Gulfruz Sergeevny and Mohammed Haburahmanovicha was not special problems with money, to local measures they are well off, the house at them beautiful, elegant, - Sergey Volobuyev, the chief of one of branches of a military commissariat of the Tyumen region tells. - simply people have responded, have decided to express thus the compassion. After all son Abdullinyh was lost in the war, fulfilling the duty. It is pleasant to realise that the world all - taki not without the kind people ready in difficult minute to come and render the feasible help.

Before passing material aid, Sergey Maslov has read the touching letter from collective. Gazoviki have thanked parents for education of the son. And it is valid, Raushan was very good, hard-working guy, went in for sports, in army ministered the commando, has passed to contract service.

In reply to the touching letter and a sign on gratitude of Gulfruz Sergeevna has burst into tears. Was surprised, of course, to arrival gazovikov: went to such distance! A few having calmed down, she has told to visitors that shortly before destruction of the son has received from it by a mobile phone esemesku. He has written supposedly bombardment has begun and will call back later. Raushan and has not called back .

According to Sergey Volobuyev, before the governor of the region, the head of the Tyumen area have rendered to a family of Abdullinyh material aid, there came also representatives of Osset diaspora. The one-day earnings to parents of Raushana were passed by employees of the Siberian group of departmental protection on the Sverdlovsk railway.