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As izhevchanam to get a job to Moscow

In Moscow tolchee it will not be lost only strong and self-assured.

Moscow as speak in the people, not the rubber. But, very few people listens to this by-word, and every year new pilgrims direct in capital. At everyone the purposes and plans on conquest of a whimsical city. Someone goes to Moscow what to the full to realise itself(himself), someone because to live in Moscow it it is fashionable. But not to any plans it allowed to come true and half from those who tried to take Moscow storm, not solono hlebavshi, comes back in native land. How to behave, with what to begin, with what stock of money to go that the capital has not turned to you a back?

we Prepare for moving!
to Prepare for moving to capital it is necessary thoroughly! In advance think over all nuances:
1. Where you will live?
About the prices for habitation rent in Moscow it is possible to learn on the Internet. On the average the one-room apartment will manage to you in 25 - 30 thousand roubles a month, but keep in mind that many lessors demand a down payment for two months.
that who has arrived to Moscow and has in it no acquaintances who are capable to help with habitation search is better to be converted into realtor agency. But, not each agency can be trusted. It is not necessary to forget that in Moscow it is a lot of charlatans. Be guided on directories Yellow pages which are at each payphone. In these directories phones only the registered city agencies are brought, to be converted in which it is possible bravely.

2. As whom do you want to work?
On work it is better to think over all in advance. If you want to work on a speciality still, being at home, place the resume on the sites specialising on job search. It is quite probable that, having arrived to Moscow, you already will start to receive the first calls from employers.   but it is not necessary to relax. Having arrived, buy in any book stall a directory Work also start to ring round the enterprises.
Besides, in Moscow there are the free agencies which are engaged in employment, be safely converted to them behind the help.

3. How much money to take with itself?
The more, the better! And it not a joke.
from 25 - 60 thousand (if to prepay for two months) on apartment.
19 roubles - one journey to the underground.
17 roubles - ground transport.
to go at first to you it is necessary much, job search and habitation takes away a considerable quantity of time and money.
Besides, do not forget that to you it is necessary, something to eat, and products in Moscow are on the average more expensive, than in Izhevsk. Count, how much you now spend for a grocery stock and daily needs. Have counted? Safely multiply by two.

do not burn down behind itself bridges
Certainly, having dared at moving to Moscow, you hope that it for ever. However it is necessary to face the truth - not all the capital of our native land obeys. Therefore, leaving Izhevsk do not destroy all old communications: reserve the right to itself for returning. For work, in apartment where lived earlier.
differently, without having arranged there, you can remain and without a place in Izhevsk.

In Moscow even it is not a shame to work as the waiter
Izhevchanka Tatyana Shirokov the fourth year lives in Moscow. In this time in her life much has had time to exchange. Moscow, as she said, forces to cave in under yourself and if, you do not manage to be reconstructed - you will go home.

to survive in capital, the physician had to become Tatyana the waitress.

- Moscow changes people. I, for example, began to look at many things on - to other. Has passed quite good school of life - has matured, - the girl tells. - you become more rigid, undoubtedly. If want though something to achieve, it is necessary to cling teeth. But someone hardens in bolshej, and someone to a lesser degree. Probably depends on the person. The some for realisation, sometimes, unhealthy ambitions are capable to go on heads .
I went to Moscow in hope to be arranged on a favourite speciality, in hospital or clinic. But for the salary that there offered, the person who does not have apartment in Moscow, cannot live. The sister constantly said to me that I would try work of the waiter, said that they not bad earn. Finally, life has put in rigid frameworks - money did not suffice, per day I had 20 roubles, on this money I bought to myself a hamburger - all my meal per day. It was necessary to reject all principles and to search for work of the waiter. The choice of restaurants and cafe in Moscow huge and practically everywhere are required waiters.
I have understood that restaurant business this very favourable business. Both in respect of a gain, and in respect of career growth. My earnings, for the first month of work, have grown from 10 to 25 - 30 thousand, and on this money it is already possible to live. Especially, if you live one, and you work much, as a matter of fact anything and it is not necessary for you. Than still well - you feed, to you give the form. You can work though every day - full and dressed, except that, every day you receive on hands ready cash - tip.
I am very happy with all, and the sin to complain. When I have met Cyril, the husband has understood that all my plans on conquest of the world anything in comparison with family happiness.
now Tanja is in maternity home of Moscow, one of these days she has given birth to a daughter.

Moscow - a meat grinder in which you breaks off on a part
to Other inhabitant of Izhevsk has carried not how to Tatyana. Oleg has lived half a year in Moscow. Worked in advertising agency, was engaged in working out of the advertising companies. But has now returned home.
- I have understood that Moscow - a perfect city, but not for me, - speaks Oleg. - to live in those material conditions that were at me in Izhevsk, I needed to work for 26 hours a day. Thus imagine that such 30 thousand roubles in Izhevsk, and that - in Moscow. Finally, I have understood that that Moscow which we see, without leaving a native city, and that what it actually is absolutely different cities. Actually, it simply meat grinder which splits up the person, breaks off it on a part. Or you reconcile to it, or are not present. I have decided that it is much more comfortable and more convenient to me to live in Izhevsk.
now Oleg has returned for former work and soon marries student UdGu, too izhevchanke.  

Where to send the resume:
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