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In September in Dnestr region apple-trees and cherries

the Natural anomaly called by climate change have blossomed, has been fixed in Slobodzejsky area of Dnestr region. On cherries and apple-trees, with which else in the summer disgrace all foliage, with ward of autumn again there were magnificent inflorescences.

Biologists of Dnestr university (PGU) assert that occurrence of such natural anomalies first of all, is connected with climate change. Biologists have explanations of such phenomenon: in the summer from - for high temperature of air fruit-trees have run into hibernation, have dumped foliage, and awakening, just as has now begun in the spring.

Trees always blossom in the spring, and now they blossom much less and, certainly, productivity " decreases; - the senior lecturer of stand of botany and ecology PGU Peter Moroz has told.
according to scientists, such mess in seasons meets not more often than time in 10 years.

the Correspondent Has phoned to Vasily Tishchenko, heads of administration of Slobodzejsky area and has taken an interest, a leah really, in area fruit trees have blossomed. And than it could be called.
yes, I heard yesterday absolutely casually about such phenomenon, - Vasily Vasilevich has told to us. -   it has occurred in a garden of my acquaintance Svetlana Girashchenko. As far as I know, the cherry and only 20 tsvetkov has blossomed only. And about the reasons of a similar case, I can tell nothing for certain, I can assume that it has occurred from - for climate changes.