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In Irkutsk from women - drivers from cars are stolen by bags

Irkutjanka Natalia: On traffic lights to you it is necessary to look in both!
a photo: Julia PYHALOVA

in Irkutsk bosses Some months the swindler who steals bags from women - drivers. How it does it? While the car costs on a traffic light, the swindler quickly runs up, opens a door, suffices a bag and escapes, up hill and down dale. To catch it still it was possible to nobody. In - the first while a seat belt you will unfasten, in - the second, the car simply so you will not throw on road - it is necessary to park. In this time the thief has time to escape far.

In militia of the statement from the plundered women arrive almost every day. Militiamen promise to catch the swindler but while it it was not possible to them.
Steal more often in October area of Irkutsk: here both traffic lights, and crossroads, and it is more than cars.

this year 34 similar crimes here are registered and any is not opened.

- For the past week such cases was a little: on September, 2nd on a traffic light on crossing of streets Baikal and Trilissera from the car Mazda Demio the unknown person has stolen a female bag in which there were documents, a wallet with money, a bunch of keys, - inform in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Irkutsk region. - after three days in OVD on the Kirov area the woman with the statement that on a crossroads of streets of December Events and Fridriha of Engels from belonging to it cars have stolen a bag was again converted. There there were documents, a wallet with money and a cellular telephone. On September, 9th the statement in OVD on October area that in the street Baikal the predator has stolen from the car of the lady property for the sum over 15 thousand roubles has arrived.

the List can be continued and continued. Similar statements have entered the Department of Internal Affairs on Lenin area. From Japanese mini - the truck Isudzu - Elf the wholesale market which was in territory Groceries at the girl have pulled out a bag with 30 thousand roubles. Criminal cases under article " are raised; the Robbery the Criminal code of the Russian Federation.
lovely women, we inform signs of this swindler. Unfortunately, not so it is a lot of them, but it is everything that drivers could remember. By sight to it nearby 15 - 16 years, a thin constitution, hair light.

it is concrete

How to be protected from the swindler

- Block the central lock.

- Criminals seize the moment when the car does not move: At a stop on a traffic light, at landing in the car, in a stopper.

- Hold windows the closed.

- do not put a handbag so that them it was visible through glass.

- do not leave a bag in the car.