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Today in Tula have started a new tram

Today in 12. 00 in Zareche solemn opening of a tram line after reconstruction and simultaneously start of a new tram has taken place. It will go on a route 12.

the Average part of the car of a tram is equipped by a low floor. In a cabin of the driver the conditioner is established. The car is equipped by the onboard tracking cameras, capable to pass a picture even at night without illumination, doors are sheathed by photo cells for safety and landing of passengers.

to Be driven on brand new electrotransport there have arrived the first persons of a city: the mayor of Tula Vladimir Mogilnikov, chief UTiSa Timotheus Sharypov, the assistant to the head of administration of Tula Irina Motezhenkova, the assistant to the head of administration on the Soviet and area Near the station Alexey Parfyonov, the head of department on Proletarian area Michael Bordashev, the assistant to Head of life-support Yury Pronjakin. But afflicts only one, from - for processions in the street October the huge stopper was formed.

the Photo report how today in Tula have started a new tram, look in To a photo gallery on