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Inhabitants of a left bank do not have no transport

After the publication in article newspaper under the name to Leave Zavolzhja - not a problem? in newspaper edition calls from uneasy inhabitants of a left bank have started to arrive.

- Officials or try to deceive someone, or not up to the end understand that occurs, - reader Olga Zaporozhchenko has told. - I live in the street Doctor Mihajlova, and, I will tell frankly, almost every day I take a minibus with by assault. Earlier in area TSGKB, whence I usually try to leave, was final buses, and then and minibuses with 14. Now it liquidated. And it is bad. Minibuses from the New city go through us overflowed, with whistle are carried by by. One of these days, I have staid at a stop of 40 minutes. Left before, in 5. 30 mornings. Till six o`clock at all there was nothing. Then they have started to go. In 6. To 10 me has carried. Has stopped 105 - aja. There there were three persons. Happens it is necessary to stay overnight in children`s regional hospital where I work, from - that the house I can not reach. Well though the couch there is. The daughter - the student regularly spends the night at the girlfriend if it is impossible to sit down on a minibus. Unless this business.