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Count Alexander Prushinsky has changed citizenship, but the candidate has not had time to become

the Central Electoral Committee has registered 276 candidates for parliament. Competition in deputies - 2,5 persons into place. At least on 8 districts there is no alternative, there on one person into place.

- five persons, including three deputies of Kostjan, Krasutsky and Chursin, have acted in film from pre-election race, - Lydia Yermoshin has told to journalists the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission. - 84 - m to potential candidates it is refused check in. Now not registered candidates, having recovered from shock, complaints in the Central Electoral Committee

the Most original complaint make has come from a pre-trial detention centre.

- the Citizen, being in a status of strong sincere stirring in which its administration of the enterprise which have dismissed it because he has decided to participate in elections has resulted, has made car stealing, using thus a sawn-off shotgun, - Lydia Mihajlovna has quoted.

On present elections there are very unusual candidates. For example, the regular soldier. One more most interesting character, unfortunately, has not got in candidates. Elderly count Alexander Prushinsky, comes from Belarus, in 2006 wanted to become the Belarus president. It was not possible, after all was the citizen of Poland. On these elections of columns has decided to become the deputy.

- It has begun promotion very much late because only on August, 12th has received the passport of the citizen of Byelorussia, - Lydia Yermoshin has told. - he had not time to collect the signature and has decided to be put forward from labour collective. Has gone in Volkovysk, under this city there was a manor where he was born. Has come on the enterprise. On a checkpoint in an hour it has collected 150 signatures! But work of the first change has ended, and the meeting of workers has not taken place, and it is a pity!