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Sincere evening in the good company

in Kovrove with success works Two years a network of public catering establishments of Open Company the Breeze . The network gradually was created, but quickly enough could achieve the most important thing - love and fidelity of the simple person. It is no secret - some means to put in external shape of an institution are possible, but thy investments will not pay off if not to put in work a soul.

bon appetit and good mood!

- Hello! - so here traditionally greet visitors. And repeat clients with pleasure greet a housekeeping staff, introducing in benevolent atmosphere of an institution the good mood and passing its another. A network of snackbars of Open Company the Breeze it was created by Natalia Anatolevny and Anatoly Alekseevicha Shvetsovyh`s family. And - experts on the business - aspired and aspire to pass this family cosiness, heat of a home of Shvetsovy and in an interior of institutions, both as service, and in the menu of snackbars.

- Still fabulist Ivan Krylov spoke - the pastry cook should bake pies, and boots to stitch - the shoemaker, differently the harmony will not be. By this rule we also work, - Natalia Anatolevna tells.

Not a secret - thirty years it has given to public catering sphere, therefore very scrupulously concerns all aspects of work kovrovskih snackbars. And repeat clients - and them at Open Company the Breeze much - love employees, preferring snackbars of Shvetsovyh to other institutions of public catering of a city.

Also it is old, and mlad to attempt it is glad

Today in a network of snackbars of a family of Shvetsovyh is four enterprises - favourite by many kovrovchanami the Good grill the Breeze (Which in the people on a habit call Ocean ) the Keg and On a circle . At each institution - the specificity and the clients. In the Good grill motorists usually call in, whose way lies under Lenin`s prospectus, and come to attempt the whole families. a breeze kovrovchane remember from time immemorial - spouses Shvetsovy have changed its former name, having saved sea subjects, cosiness atmosphere, so, and clients. a keg opens doors for all who has got used to spend evening for kruzhechkoj cold fresh beer with truly Russian beer appetizers. Any strong alcohol - only a foamy drink and a heart-to-heart talk. And a small snackbar On a circle for a long time it is known to drivers - here it is possible it is always tasty and cheaply to have dinner. Each institution has the shape, but immutably is famous for house heat.

For inhabitants of a native city

- Everyone kovrovchanin knows that an indispensable part of the menu of our snackbars is the magnificent fresh batch! - workers of the enterprises of a food of Open Company " speak; the Breeze . The fresh batch is popular both among adults, and among children.

Open Company Snackbars the Breeze are opened for all categories of the population. Here never there were concepts the minimum order - here are glad also to those who has come to be warmed chajkom with a roll, having disappeared from a bad weather. Here will always treat with the high-grade and inexpensive complex dinner, always full assortment under the menu and only an excellent batch. After the heavy working day, - it is possible to spend any feast, whether it be family celebration or collective rest perfectly within the precincts of the cosy snackbars belonging to spouses of Shvetsovym.

Open Company the Breeze - The indispensable participant of all city and regional feasts, including the City Day of Carpets, after all by preparation of such actions the help of perfectly proved enterprises is simply necessary.

Open Company Collective the Breeze sincerely wishes Natalia Anatolevnu Shvetsovu happy birthday. We wish confidence of tomorrow, the world and calmness in a shower and more bolshego respect and love from outside kovrovchan.

Be happy!

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