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In Chelyabinsk the man 50 - ti has lost years memory and speech

- You remember, what is your name? - The nurse asks the patient. In the answer the man silently swings a head and gives out clear only to it gestures. Its mad eyes run here and there: the stranger not only does not understand that to it occurs, he has forgot to speak, write and knows nothing about itself.

the Case really heavy. The man of years of fifty was found at station by militiamen and have brought to the second road hospital. Documents at it was not - even the militia with the extensive database here will not help. At physicians of eyes swept together, speak, the person decent: the accurate hairstyle, smoothly shaved person, clean clothes, only very thin - skin and bone.

- We surveyed the patient, - Anatoly Sbitsky tells managing surgical branch of road clinical hospital. - Have found at it the stomach ulcer, already the second week it passes treatment. Tried to learn, who it and whence. But the patient cannot neither write, nor tell. Gestures are not similar to the alphabet of deaf-mutes. Touched different names - to one has not responded. Though the sense of our words catches. The neurologist has assumed that such reaction of an organism can be after a stroke. Next week it will need to be written out, and we do not know, where, not on street.

If you know this person or possess the information on his family, call in (351 264 - 26 - 44, or in hospital: 268 - 41 - 02, 268 - 47 - 95, 268 - 25 - 40.

In the presence of journalists the senior nurse has tried to extend from the unusual patient though any information:

- Relatives at you are?

- Yes, - the man nods.

- house Veins, not at station?

- Yes.

- In Chelyabinsk?

- Yes.

- You worked?

the Stranger ploughs up a shirt and tychet a finger in a chest, specifying in the big scar. Physicians have then explained that he meant: say, did not work, because lay in hospital - did a heart operation. One more sign - at the man is not present a ring finger on the left hand.