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the Children`s world eyes adult

High-grade children`s shops where it is possible to find all: from toys and the clothes to dairy production, in Aleksandrove practically are not present. After all to the children`s goods of the requirement special, besides the price for them highly you will not lift. For example, businessmen are obliged to sell dairy products for children with the minimum surcharge - 10 %. Periods of storage of many products short that creates additional risk for dealers.

nevertheless, children`s shop the Kangaroo in Aleksandrove in the street Lenin not only it is not going to be closed, but also, probably, will turn in big the Children`s world . However, for this purpose it is necessary to overcome many difficulties with official registration of papers. But businessman Alexander Jusov considers that in a native city there should be a high-grade children`s shop, and hopes that the city administration will take a positive view of its undertakings.

Baby food for all tastes

Alexander Jusov has started to trade in baby food more ten years ago. Till now in the market the branch of its shop - the first point with which it has begun trade in Aleksandrove works. For these years Jusov has studied all subtleties of the business by heart. In detail knows, than one kind of dairy mixes differs from another and what technologies of their manufacturing, remembers requirements of SanPina and other bodies of supervision and control. With factories - manufacturers and large wholesalers adjust reliable partner relations that allows to receive in time fresh qualitative production and to sell it at the comprehensible prices. The constant supplier the Kangaroo - factory of a children`s dairy food, the unique enterprise in Moscow, developing liquid and pastelike dairy production for children since the first days of life till 2 years. The factory provides with a food dairy kitchens, children`s sanatoria, hospitals, children`s homes and houses of the baby of capital and the nearest areas of Moscow suburbs.

Alexander Jusov trades in the goods for children more than 10 years

In the Kangaroo the full assortment of baby food for all tastes, import and a domestic production is presented. It is especially important - young parents know, how happens difficultly to pick up a suitable mix for the kid, to choose juice and mashed potatoes. Since the morning turns for fresh tvorozhkom, yoghurts and kefirs here are built. The Moscow summer residents by the gross buy dairy mixes - here more cheaply, than in capital, and a choice of the goods good.

socially significant trade

Despite popularity of shop, Alexander Jusov admits that baby food - the goods unprofitable. It is necessary dotirovat this kind of trade from other resources, in particular, from the means received from granting of floor spaces in two-storeyed shopping centre, constructed Jusovym. For any businessman it would be more favourable to hand over the areas of children`s department or to trade in more favourable goods. But to close department Alexander does not want. He considers that can support socially significant trade, having expanded assortment of the children`s goods at the expense of toys, clothes, accessories, sanitary articles. Expansion of possibilities of shop will be favourable both for sellers, and for parents. Having arrived behind baby food, buyers can buy both necessary things, and gifts to the children.

Possibilities for growth are. Near shopping centre the building site on the earths belonging to Alexander Jusovu is already prepared. The vladimirskiy designers have prepared the project. All necessary documents are ready. It is necessary to receive only good in municipal union administration. Businessman Jusov hopes that will find understanding at the authorities, and the Children`s world in Aleksandrove it will be constructed.

With a feast!

Dear aleksandrovtsy!

shop Collective the Kangaroo congratulates you on the City Day!

We wish Aleksandrovu to prosper, grow and develop!

And to our big and small fellow countrymen - the world, good, happiness and only good mood!

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