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The German showed to tourists the Brest strong hold, and at night - girls of easy behaviour

to Oliver, 39 - summer 176 - the kilogramme inhabitant of Berlin in the afternoon, went in the Belarus city of Brest within 13 years. Every month on 5 - 7 days. In Brest Olivera had a girlfriend. And in Berlin business - a network the Internet - cafe. One fine day Oliver has created the Internet - a site on which offered tours to Belarus. On a site has placed photos of sights of Brest and the Brest girls.

- It came on the Belarus dating sites and tried to discover the Brest beauties, - Alexander RINGEVICH, the senior operupolnomochennyj 8 - go has told managements GUBOP (Management on the Brest area) the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus. - it dispatched to pleasant girls of the message: Greetings. You want to get acquainted for 50 euros? . If the girl agreed, it continued and further with it to communicate. In staff Olivera had also skilled prostitutes. Cost Tours varied from 250 to 1000 euros for the girl.

- Oliver told to potential clients about what girls poor and unfortunate as to them difficultly is. And tourists Oliveru of more money paid, but working women did not receive also half.

in the Afternoon Germans had a cultural program, they went sightseeing, and in the evening in apartments which kindly removed for customers of Oliver, there came girls.

Brestchanki served clients not only in Belarus. Often they left to Ukraine, Poland.

Field investigators observed of Oliverom about six months. In May of this year of the German have detected in the act.

- Aggression at arrest of Oliver did not show, - Alexander speaks. - now the citizen of Germany is in the Brest pre-trial detention centre. Rejoices that it managed to grow thin.

And girl Olivera goes to prison on appointments, carries peredachki to the foreign prince.

On Olivera criminal case under article 181 of a part of the second is got: human trafic with a view of sexual operation. It is considered especially grave crime. Oliveru threatens from 10 till 12 years with confiscation.