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Elena Volodina applies for a rank the Teacher of year of Russia

the All-Russia competition starts on September, 15th in St.-Petersburg. Our region will represent the Teacher of year - 2008 Elena Volodina. Elena Nikolaevna teaches in the Tyumen grammar school 16 Russian and the literature. Own pedagogical concept which the teacher has developed for 14 years of experience at school, intend to present on jury court. Elena Nikolaevna has told about it on yesterday`s a press - conferences.

- I Wait from competition of indelible impressions, pleasure from dialogue with colleagues. I intend to impart experience, knowledge, operating time with colleagues, to learn at those who represents live pedagogics of modern Russia, - Elena Volodina has noted. - I should conduct an open lesson of the literature in the eleventh class. Before employment at me will be five minutes to get acquainted with pupils. Very much I want to adjust children on the free dialogue interesting to me and reasonably useful to them.
- What technique you will present at competition?
is an innovative program. The technique represents developed system on development of the language person of the senior pupil. For me as for the philologist important understanding of the child as native speaker. The literature is soul of the nation, and language - the tool with which help the child realises itself, expresses thoughts and feelings, and on a classics basis creates own texts.
- as the teacher to you should not struggle with so-called Albanian language, where all spelling to the contrary?
- Children really absorb all. And if they have got used at lessons, in after-hour activity, in dialogue with me to the high standard of speech, feel the carrier of invaluable treasure they are shocked with many modern language experiments, at times amazing to a paradoxicality. It is interesting to me to work with modern children. Not only I learn them, but also they learn me. And to us, teachers, it is necessary to move always forward.
- Pupils are stirred for you?
- Yes, but they - that do not doubt me, so piously believe that all will be as it is necessary. This belief - children, school, kind people who support me, - excites. It will be my main talisman at competition.
- Are stirred?
- Know, all support me. But to go to a cage with tigers it is necessary to one.

- do not worry, Elena Nikolaevna, - encouraged the colleague Olga Kovaleva, the Teacher of year of area - 2006 Entered into the five of the best on the Russian tour. - prior to the beginning of competition there will be a fear, nervous trembling, and then all fearings will be forgotten. The Tyumen region in Russia on good to the bill, therefore be not surprised to special attention.
- it is successful to act to you, - Oleg Tsvyrko, " has wished; the Teacher of year of area - 2007 . - the Main thing that refereeing was fair. Then you can really support good relay race of our corner of the world.