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In Smolensk became popular Dogs and plejbojskie zajchiki

To hot day of the beginning sentbjarja I go on October.   cheerful young mum conducts the curly babe of three years for the handle. The most remarkable: the girl - in   shorts, and at walking from the tiny bottom winks naughty yellow a smilie ... Ahead of me the wide back of the long-haired guy from which legendary Che Guevara terribly frowns slowly moves. It, this Che, - on a lighter which I have just bought in a stall for eight roubles. My sight is involved with the dark-haired girl of years 20 - ti, dressed according to windy age, defiantly: a maximum of a naked body, and on a belt of fitting dark blue jeans - a huge metal plate with plejboevskim zajchikom . So whence it is all? We will understand.

the Dog waltz

  Hardly among Internet users there will be such person to whom the symbol " is not familiar; a dog -.

especially often most barking computer sign can be seen in e addresses - a mail - and. On network open spaces it use as a separator between the user name and a host name. From - for what the virtual addressees formed from surnames, at times get double sense or absolutely impartial colouring. Many remember, probably, a known joke of witty KVNs - shchikov - E - Chubays`s mail: chubajs@sveta. net

Nevertheless some programmers have already christened for a long time a dog one of the most widespread bottoms - present symbols. Recently it is possible to see really sign having a tail not only in virtual labyrinths of the Internet. Computer symbols on the sly began to fill and the real world. Day by day in Smolensk streets even more often it is possible to meet young men in T-shirts with the image dogs . According to creative youth, it means participation in the general communication space - to space of freedom of dialogue and friendship. a dog on coffee mugs, on writing-books and notebooks became the daily habitual phenomenon. And in February, 2004 a symbol has removed and to the Morse alphabet. The international union of telecommunication has entered a special code for a designation dogs for convenience of transfer of e-mail addresses. Our city not an exception: Smolensk pervoklashka can not know, how the sign " is written; Plus but fine easily deduces by hand an electronic flourish .

the Official name of a symbol commercial at the origin from bills prevails. For example, 10 widgets 10$ = 100$ that is translated as 10 pieces on 10$ =100$. Here such dog arithmetics was at Englishmen. And as this symbol was applied in business, it has been placed on the keyboard of typewriters and a bit later has removed on the computer.

Though distribution dogs on the Internet we are obliged to the forefather of electronic mail of Tomlinsonu. When the scientist worked over creation of system of messages Arpanet (the ancestor of the Internet), any little-known symbol was necessary for it, and he has chosen. Tomplinson wanted to think up the new scheme of addressing which could identify not only the addressee, but also the computer with a mail box. And the delimiting character which became " was necessary for this operation for the programmer; a dog . So the first network address was tomlinson@bbn - tenexa.

Why the symbol has such name? In - the first, the badge, really, something reminds curled up a dog . In - the second, abrupt sounding of English at reminds the dog bark.

About, where you, a smilie Mony Lizy?

the Smilie, perhaps, most well-known and most popular symbol HH I centuries. The playful smiling mug was extended not only in the Internet, askah and mobile communication. Smile often draw on walls and streets of Smolensk. And T-shirts, inflatable spheres, a watch and even underwear with a smiling symbol for a long time already not a rarity. At times the cheerful mug can be met in absolutely unexpected places. At one my Smolensk acquaintance a smile have drawn in the passport in the column of a mark about international passport reception. Probably, the secretary of tour agency so has decided to joke before departure of the client. Fortunately, travel has passed successfully. At customs officers to the passport with a smilie no claims existing. I am not surprised, if it there was far not a first case for their service.

Nevertheless history mugs has begun in the last century. On September, 19th, 1982 the professor of psychology of University Carnegie Melon Skot Farman has suggested to use this sign for expression of emotions in network dialogue. I suggest to use here such sequence of symbols for a designation of playful messages:: -) it is necessary to Read sideways. Actually, considering present events, more pertinently to allocate messages which jokes are not. For this purpose use: - ( - Falman has told.

Since then smilies were flown by the whole world and their family has considerably replenished. Now total some tens kinds of the smiles made of simple computer symbols, letters and figures. So, for example, stylised a mug professors Farmana now has learnt to be not only sad and cheerful, but also indifferent: - |, winking;-), surprised: - 0, amazed 8 - About, or, say, with vysunutym language: - R, or cross-eyed % - (. Actually any interested person can learn to do such smiles. All depends on your imagination and desire.

Some fans asek and mobile smsok so were fond of symbolical drawing that instead of usual smiles began to do the whole pictures of signs. Such vysokointellektualnye mobile communication products already pass not emotions and sensations writing, and represent conditions and concrete subjects.

we Will tell, here so the keyboard and the mouse looks: [::::] o ~; so a cellular telephone _ (O:::), and here so () __) _____)}} ~~~ draw a smoking cigarette. Have appeared and the stylised drawings of the well-known musicians and heroes of films.: ^) is Elvis Presley:-.) - And it is Merelin of Monroe, ~ (_: (]) - Homere Simpson and so Harry Potter < looks in electronic form; Z8-).

Great Che

the Well-known portrait komandante Che Guevaras at smoljan has appeared rather recently - years eight - ten back.

At first the hero of the Cuban revolution printed on posters and T-shirts. Now the portrait can be seen it anywhere: On clothes, on covers for mobile phones and even on lighters and computer CDs pigs.

Actually the bitonal image of the hero well-known all over the world was created by the Irish artist Jim Fitspatrik from the photo of 1960 made Cuban photographer Alberto of the Cord. According to many culturologists, the symbol of the Cuban revolution has turned for a long time to a kitsch which is used in contexts far from revolution.


It, this currency, has knocked down dollar. She has forced itself to respect. Turned E with a uvula teases, excites greedy instincts and literally bribes. Euro as new currency, has appeared in the first day new, 2002 - go, year in 12 European Union countries. Now it use all over the world. But refusal of national monetary units which sometimes existed centuries, and transition to euro was business difficult enough. We will begin that for euro was necessary to think up own symbol - the same plan as already existing dollar signs, pound sterling or yen. The thin line - almost the cycle which has been crossed out by two parallel horizontal lines became such symbol. In what sense of the sign? It appears, for a basis financial and politicians of EU took the Greek letter an epsilon - as an initial letter of the European Union, and a line - neither it is more nor less - designate firm belief of these figures in stability of new currency.

the Playboy near to me

This symbol of the well-known child of the American king of the industry of a sensuality of Hugh Hefnera not the first year breaks all records of popularity in Russia. This thoughtless hare - everywhere. On bags, hours, belts, rings, T-shirts, fences... However, in a fashion it at us - with huge delay, rather than in the homeland, in America. Wherefore the boom on a logo of magazine Playboy with the image of a hare of Banni has swept across America in the beginning 50 - h of the last century. August 1955 number Playboy has made sensation, proisshedshuju, however, absolutely casually. On number cover in foam of waves the seductive mermaid floated, and from below the hare spied upon it - the skin-diver. Those few delights which on a broader scale can be at the mermaid, the strip of seaweed providently covered.

What there was an edition surprise when someone from employees has come running with a hot of the magazine already sent in sale. The mystical image at the press seaweed had appeared shifted all on any centimetre, but how much from - for it was noise! Number have bought up instantly.
Banni - favourite whim of Hefnera. In 70 - h when it was already very well-known and rich, under its order of an ebony have made the plane Big Banni and Hefner made on it flights from Chicago a staff - apartments Playboy in Los - Andzheles where new weekly television show " acted in film; Playboy after darkness approach . The plane was the largest (119 foots at length) and the most expensive ($5,5 million) among cars of this class. On its board have established expensive up-to-date kitchen equipment for preparation of feasts, equipped a drawing room, a dance hall, cinema - and video halls, a bar and even the sleeping premises calculated on 16 visitors. The owner of the plane had own room - with a magnificent shower and the oval form the huge bed laid by a coverlet of manual manufacture from fur tasmanijskogo of an opossum. With the image all same Banni. In general, it is no wonder, that magazine Look named this plane the most extravagant toy in the world but thus has not failed to notice that this toy ministers an effective remedy of air advertising of a trade mark of the owner .