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The Canadian goalkeeper “ the Dynamo “ already knows the Belarus words

At last - taki the Belarus fans personally will see matches of the strongest European league. We are waited by four house matches successively. Then Byelorussians will depart to the next tour. However after voyage to Siberia trips to Moscow and even Cherepovets will be accepted as neighbour`s.

- Only when from Khabarovsk to Minsk we have spent for flight about 12 hours, I have understood, what all - taki Russia the big country, - has told head coach Jim HUGHES. Is there was very heavy trip. In an ending point of our travel - Khabarovsk - the difference in time was eight hours, and per night before game I has not fallen asleep.

And nevertheless, Hughes in quite good mood has returned to Minsk:

- In four matches we have gained two victories (in an overtime over Novokuznetsk “ the Metallurgist “ - 4:5 and “ Siberia “ - 1:2) also have twice conceded (“ to the Metallurgist “ - 5:2 and “ to the Cupid “ - 1:0). Though in last game could count and on success.

If to compare how minchane played early sparringe against “ Keramina “ (2:6) progress is obvious.

- To a match with “ Keraimnom “ we were not ready, and now the command adds every day, - Vladimir TSYPLAKOV, Hughes`s assistant considers.

- the Russian hockey, in comparison with the Belarus championship, a little bit faster, children potehnichnej. But we look at level. Though while we did not meet leaders, - successes the attacking Andrey MIKHALEV soberly estimates. - here we will look, as we will look in a meeting with “ Atlantom “. The main thing for us - to save command spirit and then it is possible to achieve much.

- Considering a considerable quantity of legionaries, a leah is in the command division into groupings? - We have asked Andrey.

- Is not present, all of us try to communicate with each other. Though the language barrier affects. Help Kurilin and Dudik. They well know English. And on ice and without language it is each other understood.

Guys from the North America, which in “ the Dynamo “ seven, already learn Russian and even the Belarus.

- Dobraj šąķiöū, - the Canadian goalkeeper Andy CHIODO greets us.

- And you still know what words?

- Good morning, on the left, to the right, give … - And further Andy began to strew unprintable words. Well, without it our hockey not hockey.

In Khabarovsk the goalkeeper “ the Dynamo “ Battled, as a lion.
a photo: HK “ the Cupid “.


“ Atlant “ the club from Mytishchej, earlier carrying the name " is in the lead in KHL

After four tours of the championship; the Chemist “ wins first place.

the Budget. 35 million dollars (7 - j in league). Twice more than originally declared budget Minsk “ the Dynamo “.

the Trainer. Feodor Kanarejkin is known for that in 2007 has won with Magnitogorsk “ the Metallurgist “ the championship of Russia.

the Previous games. In a starting guest match “ atlanty “ have conceded in an overtime Moscow “ Spartaku “ - 6:5. But have then gained three victories successively over “ the Hero “ - 4:1 (houses), CSKA - 0:2 (on a visit) and “ Spartakom “ - 3:2 (houses).

Stars. The Canadian goalkeeper Rej Emeri, playing last season in Stanley`s cup-final for “ Ottawa “ has been planted on a bench after the first match. It was successfully replaced with Vitaly Kolesnik.

Among defenders it is allocated eks - the player “ Chicago “ Swede Magnus Juhanson regularly typing points in attack.

In an attack shine Sergey Mozjakin, Albert Leshchev, and also eks - enhaelovtsy Alexander Koroljuk and Igor Korolev.


Structure “ the Dynamo “ in last match:

the Goalkeeper: CHiodo. Defenders: Klajmer - Makritsky, Uhlans - Mjuer, Antons - Krasotkin. Attacking: Liquid - Mikhalev - Maneljuk, Fears - Dzhuliano - Almer, Stas - Chupris - Zadelenov, Andrushchenko - Kurilin - Dudik.

the Schedule of the nearest games in Minsk:

12. 09. Friday. 18. 30. “ a dynamo “ - “ Atlant “ (Mytischi)

13. 09. Saturday. 17. 00. “ a dynamo “ - “ a Torpedo (N.Novgorod)

15. 09. Monday. 18. 30. “ a dynamo “ - “ Spartak “ (Moscow)

17. 09. Environment. 18. 30. “ a dynamo “ - the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Balashikha)