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Today we choose the participant children`s Eurovisions

Today on the First channel the direct transmission final gala - a concert of Republican children`s competition " will begin; the Song for Eurovisions .

If adult the Eurovision we try to starve which year out, but all while in any way on children`s Byelorussians last three years easier sin to complain! Judge: Xenia Sitnik has won first place in 2005 - m, Andrey Kunets has brought the second in 2006 - m, Alexey Zhigalkovich became the leader in 2007 - m. And after all this generation is fast will grow, will ascend to a scene of the adult Eurovisions and then we will look, at whom in the street a feast. While we arm with panels, we sit down at the TV and attentively we look. After all today televiewers and professional jury will choose that lucky beggar who will present on November, 22nd Belarus at loud European competition in Limassol (Cyprus). For the right of the leader this year 10 finalists will struggle. In studio Belteleradikompanii they in the face of all country alive will sing the songs. To support participants of selection competition there will arrive Dmitry Koldun.

By the way, this year the candidates will be presented by Svetlana Statsenko. As it is known, Svetlana Adamovna - the guru in preparation of young actors for this competition (Xenia Sitnik and Andrey Kunets - its pupils). Last year Svetlana has decided to take a time a miss. And in it will present to a paste the whole trio!

- Selection tour on children`s the Eurovision this year very high, - Svetlana STATSENKO has shared impressions. - I represent a trio: Nadina Darya, Molosh Alina and Zhukovich Karina. Anything I will not predict. I will tell only that my girls were very well prepared.

How to vote

to vote by phone it will be possible at once after performance of all finalists. The first figures of numbers are uniform: 8 - 803 - 100 - 03 - XX (instead of XX it is necessary to dial number of the pleasant executor from 01 to 10 accordingly). Voting will last 10 minutes. Calls free.

voting Results in each of areas of Belarus declare children - leaders from studios of regional broadcasting companies on the air.

the Photo of ten participants and the file on everyone look on our site

the FIRST CHANNEL, Friday, 21. 40