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The sensational cases which the Investigatory committee

has opened on September, 7th investigatory management of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region has noted anniversary of the basis. It was necessary to create this structure: year from a year quantity of grave crimes including extremist, in Voronezh does not decrease. The new division of Office of Public Prosecutor has incurred problems on investigation of grave crimes against the person, including murders and rapes, official, corruption and extremist crimes, and also working out of measures on their preventive maintenance.

the First results of work already are - with the assistance of investigatory management in Voronezh for a year have opened tens grave crimes. We have asked to tell about loudest of them Michael MOKSHINA, the deputy chief of department on investigation especially management important issues.

Leaders of a gang of the Sailor will be behind bars till the end of life

This grouping bossed six years and became one of the bloodiest in the history of a city. Alexander Brazhnikov, it - the Sailor supervised to it. Perhaps, even now nobody will tell precisely, how much victims on the bill of grouping of the Sailor. Inspectors have counted 43 episodes in business of a gang. 70 persons have suffered from hands of criminals. On their conscience   11 death, but victims could be and more: seven victims have survived. Among them - known Voronezh authority Oleg Plotnikov.

Alexander Brazhnikov (Sailor).
the Photo: from archive.

Even worldly-wise inspectors were horrified from excesses of gangsters which cruelly finished with victims for the sake of a profit. Also took everything that came across an arm - money, gold, mobile phones, technics...

In the end of March the court has pronounced a sentence to members of a gang. On a dock there were 15 persons. Leaders of a gang - the Sailor and Alexander Nekrasov - the rest of days will spend in prison. Eight persons have received terms from nine to 23 - h years, and five - from 2,5 till 5 years conditionally.

Business about an attack on the militiaman

One of the first affairs whom have charged to investigate to investigatory committee - about armed assault on Alexander Ivaschenko, the deputy chief of investigatory committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on TSFO. Then inspectors fulfilled at once some versions, including connected with professional work of the victim. Business investigated together with UBOPom. Also have during the investigation exposed the whole gang from 10 persons who traded in robbery and robberies. They have attacked Ivaschenko too for the purpose of a profit, have coveted its car and a cellular telephone. In January business materials have passed in court.

the Grouping was caught by six years

- One of these days we have directed to court business of five gangsters which plundered truckers on roads at once three areas - Voronezh, Kaluga and Saratov, - Michael Mokshin has told. - Together with employees UBOP at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs   inspectors have established areas that on the bill of suspects - one murder, more than ten armed assaults, five thefts, arsons and gangsterism. Three from group are involved in an attack and murder of driver KamAza in Ramonsky area. A body of a victim have found after a year under indications of one of murderers. Field investigators hunted for gangsters six years, in this time more than 35 persons have suffered from their hands.

the Murderer of the girl have found without delay

And here about cruel murder in Leninsk area of Voronezh inspectors have opened business for some days. On March, 8th this year the man who was when - that a sign with parents of the girl has come to the house of a victim.

Adults have not appeared at home. the visitor has got to talking with the girl, but it did not like a manner from what she responded it. The criminal who was under a high killed its screw-driver. The consequence has established that the man already has one previous conviction, and, besides, in the autumn of 2007 has attacked with a knife and other girl. That has cried, the criminal has struck its knife. Fortunately, the second victim of the gangster has survived.

Casual a victim of instigators

One year ago the city has shuddered from an impudent and cruel crime. On the night of
on September, 16th three have rushed into cafe Oscar In the street on January, 9th, have poured gasoline of a wall and have set fire to an institution. Burns have received some persons, and the young girl in some days has died in hospital.

- In view of the public importance, this business from militia have passed us. Long time a crime could not open,   a two accused have detained only in the spring, - Michael Viktorovich tells. - One of them the Russian, another - from Georgia. Business now also is in court. The third criminal yet have not caught.

Dealers the left vodka have received conditional terms

Many voronezhtsy remember, how some years ago on area the wave of poisonings palenoj has swept with vodka. People then gibli in tens, and militiamen were knocked down in search of manufacturers and sbytchikov poisons. On a wave of struggle with butlegerami employees UBOP have calculated and have caught 12 persons who produced and marketed from - under floors alcohol.

- Recently on this business the court has pronounced a sentence, - Michael Mokshin speaks. - All of them have received conditional terms of punishment.

Business of juvenile nazis one of these days will direct to court

About a rough handling over 15 - summer Andrey Zubkov on March, 6th this year wrote in detail. We will remind, the torn to pieces body of a victim with traces of a beating and 14 - ju the knife wounds have found on the bank of a water basin in Left-bank area. The group of teenagers from 17 till 20 years consisting in extremist group " has appeared murderers of the boy; Russian national resistance . The Death sentence the young man has signed to itself while has asked for numbers RNS . Members of grouping did not want to take to themselves the swarty guy and have arranged to it test. A pier if you will defeat ours fight, we will accept you. Andrey has won, and to it it have not forgiven... The guy beat feet while he has not fainted, and then have begun to prick a knife.
members of extremist group had one more victim. The consequence has found out that this very day nationalists have beaten 16 - the summer teenager too similar to the Asian. It has received a brain concussion.

inspectors on especially important issues of investigatory management of investigatory committee, employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, UBOP and the Department of Internal Affairs on Left-bank area were engaged in the Legal investigation. They could establish the leader and the organizer of grouping - to it of only 18 years. On September, 4th business of extremists from RNS have directed to the public prosecutor of the Voronezh region for the statement of the bill of particulars. Five accused on it wait for a sentence in a pre-trial detention centre.


1910 affairs have accepted to manufacture in investigatory management for a year.

1034 from them concerning 1138 accused have directed on consideration to court.

15 criminal cases have raised in the relation of the persons using legal inviolability - deputies, heads of areas.


Experts of investigatory management daily accept from citizens of the reference and the complaint to actions of inspectors and remedial decisions. If you too have questions, can be converted by phone (4732 55 - 45 - 78. There is also phone on duty where it is possible to call if you became the eyewitness of grave crime in target and holidays:   (4732 22 - 72 - 70.