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Men in Belarus will celebrate Day of the father?

- expression at unemployment a woman`s face till now it is correct, - Tatyana SHEMETOVETS, the deputy chief of central administrative board of a policy of employment and the population of Ministry of Labor and social protection speaks. - we spend fairs of vacancies on which accent will do on how the woman to find work. We train women. There are problems with employment at women after holiday on care of the child Together with public organisations trainings for women on bases of business, enterprise activity are carried out. Women - businesswomen act, impart experience. By the way, to use concept female business - it is not absolutely correct. There is no business man`s and female. But the woman should have possibility to choose, than to be engaged to it - in hairdresser`s art or a smithy to open.

And after all gender stereotypes at adults to treat late. What smithy if at the Belarus schools till now girls sew and prepare, and boys knock a hammer?. However, as we have learnt, the next five years will be on - former to divide boys and girls on works, UPK and doprizyvnoj to preparation.

Officials like to remember that at us in parliament of 30 % of women, in local advice - on a broader scale almost half But the woman - the minister in the country only one. And in army the woman is not the general, and its secretary. The armchair of the Minister of Internal Affairs was occupied never with the woman and the prime minister - the minister of an example of the next Ukraine in our country it never was.

However, discrimination problems are not only at women:

- All judiciary practice when business concerns children, on the party of mother! - Oleg BAKULIN, chairman OO " speaks; Association of protection of the rights of fathers and children . - As a result some fathers nurture children, sometimes a three - a four, but thus the legal rights - at women, they receive the alimony, occupy apartments Fathers do not protest, therefore differently can lose contact to children on a broader scale. Moreover, some buy appointments to children.

In 2009 in Belarus there can be a new feast - Day of the father. In Association it celebrate informally more than ten years.


As will observe equality?

- In BGU will conduct research how to struggle with gender stereotypes in a society.

- In militia will take the weaker sex for work with those women and children who have undergone to violence.

- For students and schoolboys will develop special courses about family values and equality of sexes.

- Programs and manuals will check up on a subject of gender stereotypes.

- Will learn men to protect partners from undesirable pregnancy, infections.

- More women will be in a reserve of shots then to work on civil service on supervising posts.

- Will propagandise partner childbirth.


the Gender is a floor, but not man`s or female, and social. Experts in a gender study, as the behaviour of the person (with friends, colleagues, parents and casual passers-by) depends on its floor and traditions of a society. A leah

your gender rights are struck?

Natalia MIHNEVICH, the silver prize-winner of the Olympic games in Beijing:

- all are equal In my family. Is not present such that someone glavnej someone. All decisions are accepted together. If I am occupied and I can not look for the child, parental duties are incurred by my husband. He both will feed the kid, and will put it to bed.

Elena SHISHKIN, the seller:

- Are restrained, moreover as! I try to get a job a year on the speciality - I the economist. Also it is impossible. Everywhere to me bawl about that in collective the disbalance is observed: girls more than boys. There is such impression that you live in the country where one women work.

Victor SHNIP, the poet:

- The matter is that I precisely do not know, what is this the right, therefore my rights in what are not restrained.      

Sergey GAJDUKEVICH, eks - the candidate for presidents:

- it is constant and in all! There has come female expansion. Women attack both in parliament, and in the government. Recently I with Kryzhanovsky distributed near tractor factory of a leaflet in support of one of candidates. Also can present to itself that there was no woman who would pass by us! All stopped. And men, to the contrary - near us were not late. It is visible, on my person it is written that at me traditional sights. (Laughs).

Inna AFANASEVA, the singer:

- I always was the independent woman, therefore I do not feel infringement of the rights. And fortunately, I had not to contain the man. My girlfriends all with gigolos! Throughout 15 years my friend fed, treated and dressed the man. And then this person has decided that can leave it without apartment.

Dmitry SOKOLOV, the programmer:

- My good friend, 24 - the summer bachelor, wanted to adopt from children`s home of the boy. To it have not resolved. Have told supposedly too you, the guy, the children will be young at you still. He is assured that to the girl of its age would allow to adopt the kid.

Olga ALVORADO, the radio leader:

- At reception for my work preference give to men. This results from the fact that the beautiful man`s voice is much more difficult for finding, rather than a female voice. Besides, I know firsthand that from - for shortages of men in the sphere of education of young men with the big hunting take in pedagogical university.

Egor KONEV, the teacher:

- Is not present, are not restrained. And I do not feel a complex that I the man.

Paul SEVERINETS, the oppositional politician:

- Street boards on which seminude girls are represented, humiliate first of all women. To women it becomes insulting, when men see in them the goods.