Rus News Journal

I Come back to Minsk and I start uchashchenno to breathe: houses!

Vladimir of JUGS, the sculptor:

- the great happiness for me that my works live and decorate our city (at whom from minchan or visitors of capital are not present a photo near to the girl with an umbrella around station or with the grandmother with sunflower seeds at Komarovki! - Red.) .

I go on streets, I approach on the entrance - and this all, native. And inside will necessarily prick. I am am touched very much by places which were saved from the childhood. I love Volodarsky`s street, where when - that plates of money changers Komarovka, of course, any more that. And it is good that our Lenin (oh, forgive ) the prospectus remains and in the evenings is shined with beautiful fires.

Though many leave from here behind the best life. But I consider that my children and grandsons should not leave a native city. Minsk should become such that all did not aspire to leave from here.

Leonid KUPRIDO, a script writer, the editor of the Higher league of the international union of KVN:

- I was born in Soligorsk and very much I love the city. But, despite it, each time when I come back to Minsk, I start uchashchenno to breathe and I speak: Houses! it is healthy that Minsk very quiet, slow and measured city. And even in such big city I had happy coincidence. When I left armed forces (I ministered in Marinoj to the Hill in special troops) and practically yet did not know Minsk, the father has carried me to the sister, which vein in capital. And already after many years when I have got acquainted with the future wife, it has appeared that its house is near to that far tetinym the house.

And now we with the wife very much like to walk on foot already from our house which Bangalore, to Troitsk suburb is on the area. Court yard, without hurrying up, without sitting down in any trams and trolley buses.

Ljavon VOLSKY, the musician:

- I and a song have written Minsk and Minsk : one - in a shower, another - that we see now. Minsk, first of all, it, of course, childhood memories. Then the city was another, without any ambitions, without chaotic building. It was very cosy and quiet.

Here recently have taken down a bus fleet that near to prison on Opansky where we with Alezisom Demidovichem in the end of 80 - h worked as designers. Not to get to a category of parasites, we fulfilled of one and a half year a so-called labour duty. Now I drive by and I see on a familiar place new business - the centre.

And still very much loved in Minsk an institution Ovens - shops where for the first time in 2000 we presented Krambambulju . Then there have started to cook a drink with such name and even have entered it into the menu.

Paul the KORENEVSKY, general producer of channel STV:

- I here was born, now I go by school 1, my journalism faculty, my maternity home on crossing of street Brilevsky and Pushkin`s prospectus. By the way, now round it the railway, huge bridges and it at all that Minsk which I have remembered in the childhood.

One of the most favourite places is a circus. Only here such unusual aroma of beasts and ice-cream Ice cream in a glass. I any more did not eat some such tasty ice-cream anywhere. Now I come here with the six-year son Zaharom and as though has changed nothing: all the same smell and all same remarkable ice-cream.