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To Minsk - 941: where to have a rest on feasts

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In the City Day which celebrate today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, in capital will pass hundreds actions. It is possible to take a walk and have a good time literally in each park and square. We will tell about the most interesting celebratory platforms.

Where to have a rest on feasts

At an obelisk Minsk - a hero town

the Minsk international marathon

Runnings on a distance of 1000 m, 4200 m, 10 km, 42 195 m.

When: on September, 13th in 11. 00.

Celebratory fireworks

When: on September, 13th in 22. 00 - 22. 20.

On the prospectus of Winners

the Feast of the Belarus honey

Tasting and sale of honey of the Belarus bee-keepers.

When: on September, 13th in 12. 00 - 18. 00.

At the Minsk city town hall

a sacred music Feast

Performance of capital church choruses, national collectives, executors of an author`s song and orthodox poets.

When: on September, 13th in 12. 00 - 17. 00.

the Feast of the Belarus opera

Performance of actors of Opera theatre.

When: on September, 13th in 19. 00 - 21. 00.

At sports Palace

Competitions on a sports sauna, an exhibition of photoworks of participants of competition the Minsk master - 2008 demonstration of models of clothes and modern hairdresses (with 11. 00 to 18. 00). On a platform Fair " will work; the City of masters and at a celebratory concert Nelli Boguslavsky, Izmail Kaplans, vocal ensemble " will act; the Clear voice etc. (with 12. 00 to 21. 00).

When: on September, 13th in 11. 00 - 21. 00.

Park 50 - letija October

Festival of national cultures JAdnanne

songs on Polish, Tatar, Russian, Lithuanian and other languages, and in the evening - the entertaining program for youth Will sound.

When: on September, 13th 13. 00 - 19. 00.

Park of Friendship of the people (square Bangalore)

the Concert program New songs about Minsk .

Composers and executors will present new songs about the Belarus capital.

When: on September, 13th in 16. 00 - 18. 00.

Troitsk suburb

On river Svisloch quay the Minsk masters of national crafts will present the products.

When: on September, 13th in 12. 00 - 18. 00.

Night of museums with 13 for September, 14th

the National art museum (Lenin`s street, 20) will work to two o`clock in the morning, the Museum of the modern fine arts (Avenue of Independence, 47) is opened for visitors till four mornings. Azgura will work all night long and the museum which has opened after major repairs of Zaire.

That will be in capital areas

the Soviet area

on September, 12th

On a platform before an input in Central Department Store Creative collectives of capital department store will act.

Where: avenue of Independence, 52.

Kogda:17. 30 - 19. 00.

In Troitsk national masters will take place.

on September, 13th

Performance of national collectives on a platform before a building Minsk komarovskogo the market (11. 00 - 15. 00) and in park of Friendship of the people (12. 00 - 19. 00).

on September, 14th

for Fans of sports wait on a feast We choose sports! . Here will pass tournaments on the big tennis, mini - to football, beach volleyball, stritbolu, to table tennis, dartsu and girevomu to sports where any interested person can show itself.

Where: a complex of sports constructions on street Gamarnika.

When: 11. 00 - 16. 00.

For inhabitants of microdistrict the Green Meadow young executors Andrey Shumak, Olga Kravchukovich, Anna Jankovsky, Igor Zadorozhnyj, Vladimir Sorokin, etc.

Where will act: a green zone on street Gamarnika.

When: 11. 00 - 16. 00.

Lenin area

on September, 13th

In park of Grekovoj the area enterprises will compete. Here will pass demonstration performances of cynologists, fighters of special troops. At a celebratory concert regional collectives, and also a wind band, Izmail Kaplans and Nelli Boguslavsky will act.

where: park of Grekovoj (microdistrict Serebrjanka).

Kogda:12. 00 - 20. 00.

for the smallest wait on a feast the City of my childhood . For them will work game, sports and knightly platforms. Will surprise kids with indicative arrival of bicyclists.

Where: microdistrict Loshitsa, Stadium SSH 222 (J.Luchiny`s street, 40).

When: 12. 00 - 18. 00.

Children are more senior can to be ill for the friends at competitions on football between area schools.

Where: interschool stadium of a grammar school 17, SSH 189 (street Gorovtsa, 14).

Kogda:12. 00 - 17. 00.

on September, 14th

On Sunday compete with each other local residents can. in the neighbourhood we live - so the feast where will struggle for a rank of the best house is called. Kids are waited by the game program.

Where: a platform at ZHES 45 (street Plehanova, 97/ 2).

When: 12. 00 - 17. 00.

the Moscow area

on September, 13th

the Concert in a mode non - stop of representatives of the Belarus alternative music: In Vino, oksa, sublimacia, Felones De Se, the Weekend Wisp, Angry Rose - 2000, One day JJ bings, Pnevmania, Drum extasy.

Where: square under the Newspaper prospectus Truth (the bottom platform).

When: 13. 00 - 20. 00.

the Operative range - the Moscow area - 2

it is intellectual - entertaining game where participants will check up on erudirovannost, knowledge of territory and history of the Moscow area.

Where: square under the Newspaper prospectus Truth (the main platform).

When: 13. 00 - 18. 00.

the Musical program and celebratory concerts in square on street Voloha (with 13. 00 to 18. 00) and square under the Newspaper prospectus Truth (13. 00 - 19. 00).

on September, 13th

Competition on the best court yard of area and flower registration will pass October area at once in several microdistricts: Microdistrict Asanalieva (street Asanalieva, 5, 7, 8, 9; street Serova, 31, 33 - territory at houses), microdistrict Kurasovshchina (street Kazintsa, 37 - 39, 47 - 49; street Landera, 64, 66, 70, 74 - territory at houses).

When: in 13. 00.

On a platform of the Minsk palace of culture and sports of railwaymen the small town of attractions, an exhibition - sale of the industrial enterprises will work. The concert program will pass with participation of Izmail Kaplanova and Nelli Boguslavsky. Mass show will end with pyrotechnic representation and celebratory fireworks (20. 00).

Where: Tchkalov`s street, 7.

When: 13. 00 - 20. 00.

the Frunze area

on September, 13th

Processions of the large families of area (12. 00), entertainments, competitions, games, competitions. A concert with participation of an orchestra of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Mingorispolkom, celebration of the most senior and most younger inhabitant of area. A potter`s, forge and honey farmstead in the City of masters .

Where: street Matusevich, 20.

when: 12. 00 - 18. 00.

the Celebratory program will pass in microdistricts

Masjukovshchina (a platform at a supermarket Kuntsevshchina Matusevicha, 75) - 12. 00 - 15. 00, Suharevo

(a platform at shopping centre the Feast Suharevsky, 16) - 12. 00 - 17. 00, Masjukovshchina

(a platform at shop Kupalovsky street Lynkova, 57) - 12. 00 - 15. 00, the Red Pine forest (a platform at the Minsk regional centre of culture of the Minsk area Goretsky) and microdistrict Kuntsevshchina (Leschinsky`s street - Matusevicha) - 12. 00 - 17. 00.

Celebratory performances on a platform at a cinema the Contemporary (street Kharkov, 70) - 12. 00 - 17. 00, on a platform at the Minsk regional centre of culture (street Vyshelessky, 4) - 12. 00 - 15. 00, a youth disco at the Minsk ice palace of sports (street Pritytsky, 27) - 18. 00 - 21. 00.

the Central area

On Komsomol lake will pass on September, 13th festival of children`s and youth creativity and sports (12. 00), and at stadium the Eaglet (Guy`s street, 15) will pass children`s sports meets, and also demonstration performances of gymnasts and edinobortsev. (12. 00 - 16. 00).

on September, 13th and 14

In park of entertainments Dream Land wait at automobile festival of judges of cars.

Here will pass also competitions Autotuning aerografija the Auto sound . Will choose and Ms. autotuning - 2008 . And fans of shows pogorjachee are waited by vanguard display the Autofashion and an erotic sink of cars.

Where: street Oryol, 80.

When: 12. 00 - 19. 00.

Guerrilla area

on September, 13th

Attractions for children, a military technology exhibition, demonstration performances spetsvojsk on hand-to-hand fight, military cynologists, aviamodelistov. Visitors can try the present soldier`s porridge on one of three field-kitchens.

Where: lyzherollernaja a line (street Stoletova, 1).

When: 12. 00.

on September, 14th

Competition of choreographic collectives Capital rhythms .

Where: Palace of culture of the Minsk tractor factory (street Dolgobrodsky, 24).

When: 16. 00.

Tantsevalno - the entertaining program Dancing Minsk

Where: the Central children`s park of M.Gorkogo (street Frunze, 2).

Kogda:16. 00.

May Day area

on September, 12th

Festivals on street Gintovta and street Kalinovsky, 69/ 73 - 14. 00 - 16. 00 and on street Slavinsky with 16. 00.

on September, 13th

the Dancing program for older persons (16. 00), a youth disco (18. 00 - 21. 00), the master - a class on bodi - artu and display of hairdresses.

6 - j the championship of Belarus on a throwing of mobile phones (13. 00 - 15. 00).

Where: Park Cheljuskintsev (avenue of Independence, 84).

when: 12. 00 - 21. 00.

on September, 14th

Festivals on street of Heroes 120 - j divisions, 15 (a military camp, 8 - j kilometre) - 11. 30 - 18. 30, street Tikotsky, 46 (a veteran court yard) - with 14. 00 and street Russijanova, 1 (16. 00).

Factory area

on September, 13th

Rewarding of winners of competition for the best registration of a balcony, an entrance, a bed. For the smallest the children`s program is prepared: tournaments on table tennis, demonstration performances of knights, a children`s disco, and youth the disco and performance hip - hop - and a rap - commands waits.

Where: Park 900 - letija Minsk

When: 13. 00 - 19. 00

We - minchane, we are factory workers!

Performance of musical collectives, ensembles of a song and dance, national chorus. Visitors competitions wait, for a quiz and tantsevalno - the entertaining program.

Where: Nesterov`s street, 58

When: 12. 00 - 18. 00

Demonstration performances of a circle of oriental combat sports and taekvondo, clowns, acrobats.

Where: street Bachilo, 1

When: 14. 00 - 16. 00

on September, 14th

Performance of variety and folklore ensembles, game programs for children, performance of the conjurer, demonstration performances of a circle of riding.

Where: the Minsk zoo (street Tashkent, 40)

When: 12. 00

on September, 13th and 14

the Championship of Belarus on vodno - to motor sports

Competitions of classes of walking and sports courts, competitions of classes of water motorcycles.

Where: water basin Chizhevsky`s water area (from street Kabushkina)