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On slutskom road service station have hung up the instruction on bomb manufacturing

Turmoil round the announcement on slutskom road service station has begun some days ago. Under an identikit suspected of explosion in Minsk on July, 3rd passengers of station have read the curious information on self-made bombs. On a sheet of paper the device description, the mix structure, what stamps of hours or alarm clocks took place, glue and batteries it is possible to apply, what nuts to fill a bomb. In the instruction centre even the device photo in a box from - under juice " has been placed; Sadochok .

It is simply awful! - the dispatcher slutskogo road service station complains. - the militia itself has brought this information, and station have made extreme. To us the day before yesterday all the day long called from different structures, asked all. But unless we are guilty? To us have told - we have hung up.

- have now cleaned the instruction?

- Certainly, have cleaned! Yes we now all here on nerves. Somebody from passengers will leave a bag near left-luggage offices, and the dispatcher all it sees on the monitor. And so it becomes terrible: we are twice frightened now by these explosions!


It not the instruction, and the list of components of the device

is there was not an instruction on bomb manufacturing, - the chief Slutsky ROVD Alexander ASTREJKO has told. - There only there was a list of components, instead of the detailed description of how to make a bomb, in what proportions to fill with a mix the device.

- But has hanged out this information all - taki militia?

- Yes, one of our employees has shown excessive independence and a carelessness. Now that`s OK: the information has hung days after it have noticed, and next day it have removed.

- And what purpose was at your employee when it hanged out the similar information?

is was the decision to draw attention of citizens that people could find out it faster as required.