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In Slutsk the drunk instructor of driving school has beaten out tooth to the GAI officer

- On Sunday evening during watch I on a mobile phone was called by the colleague and has informed that across Slutsk on the car the drunk young man drives about, - has told   the inspector dorozhno - patrol service Slutsky ROVD Michael KRASUTSKY. - We with the workmate have there and then left into place and have seen, how the driver tries to leave from territory of garage co-operative society, but at it it turns out nothing, as the back wheel is punched. That the driver drunk, we were convinced as soon as have approached more close: from salon the alcohol pungent smell reached, and the arrested person hardly left the car.

the Inspector of driving school could not understand in any way why him have detained. At first it simply was rude, and when have started to make the report - and has at all shown resistance. The brawler has seized for a pistol of the GAI officer, and then has struck it in the person, and a second later an elbow has beaten out tooth to other GAI officer.

- At the detained instructor blood alcohol content was 2,5 promille that five times exceeds norm! For driving in its alcohol intoxication will deprive of a driving licence for three years. While it have fined on 850 thousand and have released home. Probably, criminal case for rendering of resistance to law enforcement officers will be got.

By the way, it not the first detention of the dashing instructor in a state of intoxication. In 2000 at the age of 19 its years already deprived for two years of a driving licence. Now in GAI are perplexed, how the person with such past could get a job on a broader scale the instructor.

- two days prior to incident Denis has left our driving school in consent. For half a year of its work it never came the drunk. We it took to ourselves only because there were good recommendations from last employers. By the way, to us he worked in Recreation centre, - the director of driving school DSAF Alexander HARKO tells. - I at all did not know that it when - that deprived of a driving licence, we requested data in GAI only for last three years.