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Any minchanin can lodge in the Collosseo

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Today the microdistrict under the name of Grushevka in Minsk is familiar to the little. Modest small houses of a private sector, small little shops, court yard behind fences In this part of a city which is all in steam of stops from the occupied and boiling capital centre, time as though has stopped. But soon here will grow luxurious 7 - 18 - floor brick and karkasno - block houses on 70 - 400 apartments of the improved lay-out, and Grushevka will be transfigured. In a quarter in borders of avenue Dzerzhinsky - Zhukov`s avenue - street Railway - the street ShChorsa will settle down prestigious residential area with the developed infrastructure. Here there will be all: qualitative habitation, shops, consumer services, schools. Thus the area remains same green to what can see it today.

the Individual lay-out - a find for creative

New person Grushevki already appears through habitual lines. The first apartment house on street Grushevsky is already constructed. It is 9 - 10 - floor 5 - section karkasno - the block house located in fenced territory. In the house individual counters of water and heat are established, PVC windows, the house is equipped by an independent gas boiler-house.

It is possible to admire and other products the Harmony - OMS Holding . This year two houses are placed in operation:

- 7 - the floor brick house on 135 apartments with underground garage - parking on 58 mashinomest and the equipped internal domestic territory on crossing of streets ShChorsa - Razinsky.

- 15 - floor karkasno - block 89 - a room apartment house on crossing of street 5 - I Shchorsa - Decembrists. The areas of apartments here, as, however, and in the house in street ShChorsa borders - Razinsky, small. For example, the total area of one-room apartment will make an order 40 - 47 sq. metres, two-room - from 60 sq. metres, three-room - from 80 sq. metres. However apartments have the big bathrooms - from 3,5 sq. Metre (with the combined bathroom - more than 4 sq. metres) and kitchens from 9,5 sq. metres.

the Main feature of all houses which builds the Harmony - OMS Holding that each of them is under construction under the individual project. Apartments will be compact that allows to make their rather inexpensive. If you lodge in one of such houses, can be assured: your habitation will not mix with any another. It will be very simple to friends you to find - after all each house of Grushevki is unique, such any more will not be in all city. Thus karkasno - the block system opens open space for imagination of owners of apartment: in these houses internal partitions are not bearing that allows to do re-plannings. Only do not forget to co-ordinate the project of re-planning with the authorities!

the Collosseo

New houses will be completed to underground opening

by you already have lighted up idea to buy apartment in New Grushevke? Then for you excellent news. Having begun apartment building in one of houses which prepare this year, you receive apartment few steps away from new metro station. Opening of stations is planned in 2011, and just delivery of two new housing estates is dated for this time. The road home will occupy from you few minutes!

By the way, ground transport to reach to Grushevki too not the problem. The area is absolutely close to the capital centre. At desire it is possible even to reach a square of Independence on foot!

this year is planned to begin works on preparation of a platform for building 6 - section, 12 - floor, 395 - room, monolitno - a frame apartment house along arrival - outcomes with Zhukov`s avenue on avenue Dzerzhinsky in territory of a taken down private low housing estate. The working name of this house - the Collosseo . In apartment house bottom level zaproektirovan restaurant on 50 places with summer cafe, shop - cookery, food shop, shop Electronics a hairdressing salon, office premises on two floors. In bottom level guest both office parking places and exits on domestic territory on independent ladders are provided. Tenants of the house will be carried on apartments by the Finnish silent lifts of firm Otis. To services of tenants - house system of a cable television.

A bit later near to the Collosseo There will be a multilevel parking place on 300 mashinomest - 4 - 5 floor building with the built in premises of car centre.

same year is planned to begin building of a complex of apartment houses in borders of streets Railway - Shchorsa - Razinsky:

In the future here should be constructed not less than 16 - ti apartment houses, and also objects of an infrastructure. Shops for trade industrial and articles of food, drugstores Here will take place, the library, cafe, a laundry, etc.

For tenants of houses in whom building of underground garages is not provided, the project of the local plan of quarter provides building of two multilevel parkings on 300 mashinomest. One parking will settle down in borders of street Railway - Zhukov`s avenue, the second - on street Shatko.

In the street Razinsky the city authorities will construct school, 3 kindergartens on 110 and 190 places with pool. In borders of streets ShChorsa and Razinsky there will be a sports complex. Complex building will be conducted within the limits of hostel reconstruction Soviet .

In plans Frets OMS - new image of street of Mayakovsky

Holding the Harmony - OMS is not going to stop on the reached. Using modern technologies and materials, builders will adapt all new and new disctricts of the city for changing tastes of capital inhabitants. On turn - the plan of complex reconstruction of a detailed lay-out of a piece of street of Mayakovsky that goes along the river Svisloch, from street Aransky to street Denisovkaja. The first high-rise apartment house at the very beginning of Mayakovsky`s street, opposite to the Chervensky market, is handed already over. It monolitno - frame 1 - section 15 - 17 - a floor apartment house with the built in uninhabited premises. It is calculated on 82 apartments of the improved lay-out. Near to the house the children`s game complex, lawns and gardening is located.



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