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We declare 10 founders of the most ridiculous signatures to « Hitler kaput! »

Yesterday   on a visit at there was a brilliant actor Paul Derevjanko. During video online - conferences Paul has told about the sensations in “ beds with Anna Semenovich “ on film shootings “ Hitler kaput! “ which leaves on country screens, about why has not gone on shootings to America,   why cried on the prime minister of a children`s cartoon film and about much - many other things.

And, certainly, on the air Paul has played prizes for those our readers who has taken part in competition for the most ridiculous signature to shots from a film “ Hitler, kaput! “ we Declare names 10 - ti lucky beggars whom we ask to contact us to conkurs address for specification شبO and the address of delivery of a T-shirt with symbolics of a film and a picture soundtrack, with the personal autograph of Paul Derevjanko. We want to notice that the autograph is left addressed to, specified in the signature.

1.   Dmitry (Urri, where at it the button?)

2.   Naizek (Means, you speak, fought with Tyler and has defeated?)

3.   Olga Andersen (the New collection from Yudashkin “ Summer in Berlin “) - to you it is a lot of hearts from Paul)

4.   Angelo4ek (All in the German tell-tale is: has pulled an ear - has saluted you! “) - and to you)

5.   Walter (This ear we will present to Tyler)

6.   Farid (Check on cleanliness)

7.   Pvel (or Paul?) (where an earring with a swastika?)

8.   iOne (Has pasted. As though did not fall off)

9.   the Quotation collection (Any ear at you … not Aryan)

10.   Andrey Salkov (Hitler (it is thoughtful): Aryan ears, of course, not the such. But it is similar, Freken the Side has really flattened out to you an ear, punishing for reading “ Main Kampf “).