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To a relic citizens of Kazan followed healing

Andrey Pervozvannogo`s Power have stayed in Kazan   three days

unknown remains have been found Six years ago in Sergievoj to Monastery. Experts have established that it and is those disappeared hallows. It has been decided to return them to Chelyabinsk. And on the way to take on the Russian cities.    

It is considered, through apostle Andrey Pervozvannogo the Lord showed miracles: patients were healed, the blind began to see clearly. Therefore citizens of Kazan who have come to a relic, asked, first of all, health - and relatives. Many even brought photos native to put to hallows.

- We any more for the first time come to a temple when to our city bring hallows sacred, - mum of boy Aleshi has told. At its child a congenital illness - a children`s cerebral paralysis. - me, apparently, to the son it becomes better after that. But the main thing that at me increases sincere forces.

- Last time were on religious procession, at us just in a difficulty family were, - other parishioner Tatyana speaks. - the son still could not find work in any way. And it is literally in some days all problems were solved. For us is a miracle.

Yesterday a relic have taken away to Naberezhnye Chelny. Following on turn - Ufa.