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Khabarovsk will not freeze

the Cold season comes nearer in the winter. And consequently urban services have thrown all forces on that batteries of townspeople have become warmer amicably and in time.

Under plans, kommunalshchiki should cope by September, 26th. And only the daily average temperature will strongly be established on a mark of +7 degrees, the cold season will be begun. Usually it occurs in the first decade of October. So to time for preparation remains just barely enough.

- 7,5 kilometres of highways are already capitally repaired, - the chief tells a press - services of the mayoralty Alexander HUMPBACKS. - but an intense situation just on intraquarter heating mains. MUP Thermal networks planned to fulfil 120 objects, and here it was added 9 more - on Red Small river. Now there are ready 10 of 15 kilometres of pipes. But by a season will be in time. Red Small river - on a broader scale most a sore point this year.

the City in the inheritance from military men managed the destroyed municipal services. Heating systems, a waterpipe, the water drain - all in an emergency status. And zhilfond it is started on is not present . Today here spetsbrigady   the Water canal and Thermal networks work in an emergency mode.

- Pipes very bad, - Timotheus GUSELNIKOV, elektrogazosvarshchik complains. -   All rotten. It is necessary to change them completely.

In Amur a channel deepen a bottom - to provide normal work of a water fence. For now to inhabitants of Red Small river water is brought up by cars.

All other zones of a city prepare for winter according to plan, without a panic. The Office of Public Prosecutor which, it is possible to tell, day and night supervises zhilishchnikov, says that surprises is not expected.

- the City works harmoniously, - has assured Alevtina BALUEVA, zamprokurora Khabarovsk. - all goes under the schedule.

As a whole Water canal will shift in a city of pipes of 32 kilometres. While have made 10,5 km. Water and 12,7 kilometres of sewer pipes.


All on maintenance of readiness of a city to a cold season this year it is required almost 2,6 billion roubles. Not to infringe upon financial interests of any of branches, the city should take almost 400 - the million credit. Besides repairing of pipes, the municipal economy warms entrances, steklit windows on staircases. Within the next few days on zhilmassive it will be made ready for the winter about 900 entrances of high-rise buildings, blagoustroenno 114 city court yard. But the main care, of course, is heating main preparation. And though experts assert that all goes according to plan, continually in edition calls are distributed, and townspeople complain that at them have unexpectedly disconnected hot water.

Today, according to the plan, hydraulic tests of heating systems of thermal power station - 3 should come to the end safely. So by the evening in houses which concern this zone, there will be a hot water. Till its September, 15th will not be in 34 houses in Volochaevsky small town. Here there is a repair of departmental heating systems Khabarovsk KECH.   If your house is not necessary in plans of hydraulic tests, and in the crane, nevertheless, there is no water - call in we Will disturb urban services, let will tell, what`s the matter. Our phone (4212 37 - 70 - 44.

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