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Explosion in the Moscow market of Kazan has not occurred

In 9. 20 mornings in a call centre of Kazan the call from the woman has arrived.

- At you in the Moscow market the bomb is put!

On a call have lifted all field services. The Ministry of Emergency Measures, militia, fast pozharka have arrived into place in a few minutes. And it despite a huge stopper which at that point in time has already accumulated on street of Decembrists in the heat of rush hour.

the Round covered warehouse in the market centre, called in the people a skullcap at once have surrounded. There, according to calling, there was a bomb. All sellers and buyers whom in this morning hour has already decently accumulated near counters,   urgently evacuated.

At a word a bomb people ran up who where. For 10 minutes the warehouse has become empty.

- Inside there was no person, - reports Iskander Maksudov, zam the general director of the Moscow market on the general questions. - all has passed easy, without a superfluous panic.

the Crowd of the curious has gathered at the blocked gate. That occurs and why the market have closed - anybody plainly could not tell. mchsniki, remained behind a cordon, responded that all questions to militia and the heads.

- Speak, a bomb have thrown, - has mysteriously informed us Nadezhda Vasilevna. It a point near to gate. Just by it sappers with a dog were carried by. And then gate have closed.

- It is a pity, after all the heat of buyers now, - Tatyana complains to us. She sells meat, just in that ill-starred to a skullcap . - But here when have told that here the bomb is put, has got a fright terribly. Till now hands shiver. It is said that someone has joked, have not found anything. I it the joker - also shakes the fist in air.

To 11. 50 sappers with a dog have combed all market. A bomb and have not found, explosives too.

- the False call will cost much to the joker - the chief a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs Igor Silko has commented on a situation. - Except the Moscow market, zloumyshlennitsa has informed and on a bomb established near to trading numbers on Thieves`. There have exposed fast. The dog has checked up shops. Anything.

- the payphone from which the woman called is already established, prints therefrom are removed, there are also signs of the telephone terrorist. So the question on capture - time business, - was assured by him.

Under item 207 of the criminal code of Russian Federation for obviously false call of the calling the penalty at the rate from 200 to 500 minimum wage rates, or corrective works for the term from one year till two years, or arrest for the term from three about six months, or imprisonment for the term up to three years threatens.

In 12. 00 collars of the Moscow market have swung open again before the buyers besieging them from the moment of closing. Sellers have dispersed on the to points . And in the market again has begun to boil life.