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In Kemerovo the cold season

By the established rules has begun to include heating kommunalshchiki begin, when five days the on end daily average temperature in the street does not hold out to +8.

- Such days in September now also were not, - have told in the Kemerovo service of rescue. - even in the coldest day, 7 - go September, the daily average temperature in a city equaled to 9,4 degrees.

However on Wednesday, without waiting colds, in Kemerovo have already started to connect heating. First of all steels teplet batteries at schools, hospital, kindergartens. However, yet in all. Yesterday in the morning in Kemerovo 75 gardens, 35 schools and 27 hospitals were already heated. Has carried and   to some apartment houses. They are heated by the same small boiler-houses, as the schools located in the neighbourhood - gardens. Have included heat to children - batteries and in the house have heated up.

In other houses of the regional centre to include heating it is planned with 15 - go on 18 - go September. First of all will carry to inhabitants of a part of the Central and Factory areas, a part of settlement Prefactory, to inhabitants of Miner area and Kedrovki. The detailed schedule of start of heat in Kemerovo look in the nearest numbers.

By the way, batteries and in apartments novokuznechan on September, 15th will start to heat up. And in kindergartens, and polyclinics of southern capital of Kuzbas have warmly started to submit schools yesterday.