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As videocameras trace the Ufa infringers

- My name is Valery. At us in a court yard in the street Tsjurupy strong enough movement - cars do not reduce more often speed. The children are not present, but also strangers it is very a pity. That it is necessary to establish “ the lying policeman “?

- We do not interfere, if “ the lying policeman “ it is established in the streets adjoining the basic travellers to parts of a city, in domestic territories with obligatory installation of traffic signs. But to carry out conceived, you will need to be converted into administration of your area - the question should be co-ordinated with housing - area public utilities. Independently established “ lying policemen “ (or road hillocks) can lead to breakage of vehicles and a legal cost.

By minibus rules should go only on the right extreme strip
- And truth, what now all city is covered by videocameras? A leah they trace infringers and on the basis of shootings send penalties?

- Observation cameras in a city really are. But meanwhile they figurative - are in hands of employees of traffic police. Figurative chambers are used for a photo - and video fixings and for demonstrative base at proceedings when infringers do not agree with the inspector of traffic police.

According to the federal target program “ Increase of security of traffic in 2006 - 2012 “ In Ufa it is planned to establish the videocameras tracing infringements of traffic regulations by participants of traffic, taking into account all lacks of work of devices of video fixing which have been revealed in Moscow and Krasnodar.

shortly there will be chambers on supports - too figurative, they can hand over the information on offenders in computer base on distance of 2 kilometres.

near a kindergarten the traffic light

is necessary - I live in the street Ferina. There in territory from “ Matrixes “ to church there is no traffic light. And nearby - kindergarten. Parents drive children through road every day, risking lives. The sign there, of course, hangs, but drivers almost never reduce speed and to concede to us do not hurry up.

- every year before the beginning of academic year we carry investigations ulichno - a high system near educational institutions, and also we check, that on a place there were all traffic signs, traffic lights, a marking, protections, and also places for a safe landing and disembarkation of children from public transport. This year with schools have already finished - there now an order. Now on turn kindergartens. With your case too we will necessarily understand and we will take measures.

- have more recently constructed road on Shakshu. But on a crossroads from street Vologda till now there is no traffic light. It seems to me that it there is absolutely necessary.

- Under standard documents for today near to bridges and overpasses svetofornye objects are not established. But in this case the question on building of additional section proezzhej parts is considered.

- Tell, and why the militia does not hand over the information on road infringements in traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs? The matter is that one week ago I repeatedly called in militia concerning that in settlement Maksimovka (the street Rekopsky, Plaster, Lobachevsky) rushes on sine - violet “ to the seven “ number κ778ερ the child of years of ten. It even from - for a wheel plainly it is not visible! And speed not 10 km/ hour as it is necessary in settlements. The juvenile reckless driver does not react to remarks and already some times nearly has not brought down children playing in the street. At me the child, and I very much am afraid for it when he goes out of doors to take a walk. Take measures, please!

- it is visible, you called under number 02. In such cases call by phones is better: (347 237 - 07 - 02, 237 - 84 - 80 (these numbers are written by our patrol cars). You will get to a call centre, and our employees there and then will go on searches of the infringer. Even it will be enough simple to specify a direction in which there has gone this person, and we already anyway can find it. With your problem we will necessarily understand - children who have not reached majority, have no right to operate vehicles. The owner of the car passing to her face, not having the driver`s licence, is involved in administrative responsibility.

- you are called by Evgenie. Itself I have two children and for their transportation on the car has got children`s armchairs, but often I see that many motorists go with children without armchairs, and especially “ abrupt “ carry them without them and on a forward seat of the car. In what a problem?

- For transportation of children without keeping devices penalties are entered. And if such infringers they are exposed to official penalties come across to us. But no penalties will help, while parents do not realise that driving on the car at times bears deadly threat for their children, and it makes sense to secure the offsprings as much as possible. At once the recent case with the Ufa motorist is remembered. In the winter the man carried two children. One has planted in a children`s armchair, and another - is not present. During any moment the driver has run away and ran into a border. As a result the child who was in an armchair, remained is safe, and the second has received serious traumas, having hit about a windshield.

on what strips there can go minibuses by the Prospectus

- On a crossroads of the prospectus of October and Glory parkway is tajmfor - on distant from stops of public transport a pedestrian crossing. For pedestrians it burns 20 seconds. It would be enough if many drivers did not drive on yellow, and even a red signal of a traffic light (especially it concerns drivers of public transport!) Keeping pedestrians passing street waiting, while they will cross this crossroads. As a result for remained time it is necessary to run across street, and mums with carriages and are not in time at all. Now there dismantled tram ways and if it was possible to wait at a tram stop now do not know how can cross this crossroads, especially women with children and to older persons earlier.

- the Width proezzhej parts has not changed, the mode of burning of a traffic light remained former - 30 seconds. Mums with carriages should suffer a little - as soon as dismantle of tram ways will end, it becomes easier all: both to pedestrians and motorists. By the way, there the same islet of security between two counter strips is planned. Concerning journey of cars on red light - you can inform on it in the Department of Internal Affairs by phones: (347 237 - 07 - 02, 237 - 84 - 80.

- I became recently the participant of road accident. It has occurred at 17 o`clock. Has phoned to a call centre by phone only within one and a half hours. This phone is constantly occupied, and if a tube remove, that, to anything plainly without having listened, put. To the place of road accident the worker of traffic police has arrived in four hours (incident was in city boundaries). At 23 o`clock have arrived to a regiment and all night long waited for analysis to 5. 40 mornings. Tell, and it is possible to establish multichannel phone in a call centre of a regiment of traffic police?

- We too think that has ripened necessity it to make, we will note your offer. Concerning that hung up, and then long did not leave to the place of road accident - we have telephone hotlines: 235 - 13 - 61, 237 - 80 - 50, 237 - 14 - 92 where you can inform on similar incidents. All received messages are considered by a management and if you have left the data necessarily receive the answer.

For data we inform, what even during the summer period daily in capital occurs 130 - 170 road accidents to a material damage (and in winter - more than 250). In a traffic police shelf only 4 mobile groups which are engaged in registration dorozhno - transport incidents.

road accident registration occupies from 15 minutes about one hour, especially a lot of time leaves on registration of failures with victims. Now the question on creation of additional groups on duty is solved.

- and still I was converted to the commander of a regiment with the complaint to the decision, however the decision have upheld. Has been urged to appeal against against the decision in court, there have cancelled also administrative manufacture have stopped.

- If you consider that workers PDPS have made the biassed decision, you can be converted with the statement into the higher organisations - in department of traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs on the city of Ufa, and also in Management of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RB which will reconsider your statement and will make the objective decision, and it is not necessary to be converted into court.

- Tell, please, and fixed-route taxis have the right to occupy all strips of traffic?

- According to traffic regulations, passenger transport is obliged to move on an extreme right strip. In the most loaded streets, such as the prospectus of October, corresponding traffic signs are established. For failure to meet requirements of traffic signs administrative reports are made. Now in a city just there passes operation “ the Bus “ directed on decrease in road accident with participation of passenger transport during which time inspectors of traffic police pay especially steadfast attention to infringement of traffic regulations by drivers of minibuses.