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Receipts ufimtsy will receive for road accident infringement by mail

republic traffic police has begun large-scale operation the Bus - check, in what status there is a passenger transport. Only in Ufa GAI officers have removed numbers from the beginning of September approximately at 1000 buses.

- now the motor car park of Ufa totals more than 10 thousand buses, it besides that for our city it is enough to have 4 thousand, - the head of department of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RB considers Dinar GILMUTDINOV.

Today on capital roads 7 ambulatory videocameras which fix infringements work and help to find the cars which are registered in stealing.

- these measures are very effective, - tells Dinar Zagitovich. - In the first day when them have established, for two hours we have fixed 97 infringements.

in the future it is planned to buy 30 more chambers, them will establish on the main city streets.

and from next week receipts on payment of penalties will start to come to townspeople by mail. By the way, it is planned that they can be paid in special terminals - as for phone or Internet payment.

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