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At school it is better to be silent and nothing to do!

any more for the first time tries to shame manufacturers of various school accessories. But, seemingly, conscience at them has run into hibernation for very long time. And every year on the Saratov counters with kantstovarami appear more and more perverted writing-books, diaries and albums. Probably, the imagination of designers and manufacturers is not present a limit. And that is surprising, eventually their humour becomes all poshlee and poshlee, and slogans all is more stupid and more stupid. From offered young saratovtsam assortment we have chosen the most ridiculous and foolish writing-books, which as has appeared, have the greatest success among schoolboys.

How much a wolf do not feed, he all the same there looks!

the First, on what our sight has fallen, is a writing-book with such lovely and harmless sobako - a wolf (it is very difficult to disassemble, who it actually). Only we were delighted that at manufacturers of school accessories all - taki is conscience as at once were convinced of the return! To describe more in detail, as as it is represented on a cover, we will not be, all and so it is visible... But the most surprising that the writing-book has interested not only us: the little girl of years of ten has approached to a counter with a stationery - for the handle with the mum and at once has started to pull hands to this writing-book though more nice near lay - with doggies, kitties... The girl, clear business, this wolf (well or a dog) has involved. Having seen an inscription on a cover, mum has flushed with indignation then has hasty started to palm off on the child other writing-books. Without scandal with tears in the face of, of course, has not managed. However mum managed - taki to convince the daughter to buy a little more nice writing-books. And after all such children of hundred!

Such covers umeltsy have decided to tell from a school bench to kiddies about knowledge of life.
a photo: Olga PASHIN

it is necessary to know About drugs from a school bench

it is visible, the manufacturer of the following writing-book in detail describing influence of various drugs on a human body was guided by such motto. Has not managed and without an appeal not to use these drugs!

What here the bad? - you ask. All is at first sight remarkable: have shown a sigarette, have told that it - angrily, have warned! But it only at first sight. From what suddenly the manufacturer has solved, what exactly schoolboys - that audience which drinks, smokes and uses galljutsinogennye mushrooms? And after all the whole series of writing-books is devoted it! Who from parents for hundred percent is assured that similar slogans it is not pushed your fumes to the use of all above the listed. As it is known, it is necessary only to the child to tell: do not do it it from harm will arrive to the contrary.

the Paper   all will endure!

Such covers umeltsy have decided to tell from a school bench to kiddies about knowledge of life.
a photo: Olga PASHIN

That manufacturers of a writing-book wanted to tell this cover, for us till now remains a riddle. Whether they wanted to tell what to write to writing-books it is possible anything you like, whether it is appeal to use a paper in the most various purposes.

If you want   to be the soldier, impose the dean with a floor-mat

Well and at last - a parting word for students. Though if the schoolboy knows, who such dean it also can quite use this advice - only here it hardly will get to army, is faster - in police station.


Igor of SIRS, the psychologist, a Gestalt - the therapist:

- For small children it is not necessary to buy any bright, acid colours of writing-books. At small age children and so distract on any extraneous noise, bright paints. Therefore it is better to buy not so colourful and bright writing-books. Teenagers do not need to get writing-books with frank implied sense of sexual character. They and so are raised in this age, and the writing-book only will distract them from study. As to writing-books where propagandise refusal of drugs it is necessary   it to do correctly. They should not raise unhealthy interest. I consider that in all there should be a sense of proportion, including in registration of school accessories.